Caption Fun: Brady Quinn Photos From AJ Hawk, Sister's Wedding

5/16/07 in NFL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

(sorry for ruining any fun from the previous post with this)

Seriously. First he's happily grabbing at his friends junk ... not it's onto a YMCA dance at a wedding (is this normal?). Brady Quinn continues to fool no one.

As usual, feel free to gain yourself many a thumbs up with your captions to the photo below. Enjoy (unless you're a Browns fan)!

More photos can be seen here. Nick Mangold will not be happy.

Source: (Harcar Photography) via (Big Lead)
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5/17/07   |   dlaylo   |   2 respect

I am totally embarrassed to say he's our quarterback, Cleveland what have we gotten ourselves into.

5/17/07   |   Indydave   |   40 respect

Village People, here comes Brady!!!!! 


Um..... I betcha he'll be that QB practing the center exchange a little longer than most NFL QBs, if ya know what I mean....

5/16/07   |   Nate   |   128 respect

"I am wonder if what they say about steroids is true, I should check....I need to do it in away no one would suspect....I know I'll strike a pose....damn it where did they go??"

5/16/07   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Who wants me to grab their crotch next, you!?

5/16/07   |   chippinole

MACHO, MACHO MAN...........!!!!!!!!!!

5/16/07   |   jpeepz

What, is he auditioning for a role in "Annie" or something? He looks like an extra from a Charles Dickens book.

Please sir ... can I have some more?

5/16/07   |   Aceraison   |   183 respect

He's just preparing for life in Cleveland.