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The Forecast: Brady versus Luck in a Sideways Monsoon

1/11/14 in NFL   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

On Brady Versus Luck in a Sideways Monsoon How come it's become a given that adverse weather favors the Patriots? Is it because t...


Colts Hilton and Luck a major concern for Patriotís defence

1/10/14 in NFL   |   Mia781   |   953 respect

When the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots face off each other, the game will rest most definitely on a few plays which have the risk...


The Sporting News says Tom Brady is the worst QB left in the playoffs

1/9/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Tom Brady has a strong case as the greatest quarterback of all time. At the very least, most people would agree that he's among the top 5 ever ...


NFL Playoffs: Saturday Divisional Round Picks

1/8/14 in NFL   |   AustinBelisle   |   9 respect

Saints at Seahawks (Saturday, 4:35 PM EST) The Saints and Seahawks will meet Saturday afternoon in a rematch of their Monday night showdown on D...


Patriots DE/linebacker Rob Ninkovich observes maturity in Colts QB Andrew Luck

1/8/14 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has this season shown much improvement and many have noticed how in the recent games his gameplay has ch...


You can't give Andrew Luck too much praise for the Colts' epic victory

1/6/14 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

I am never a believer in saying that a victorious team did not win a football game, but rather that their opponent lost the game - when the clock h...


Four QBs earned headlines on Wild Card Weekend

1/6/14 in NFL   |   ZacWassink   |   74 respect

Breaking news: It turns out that quarterback play does, in fact, make and break teams in the postseason. Four different QBs stood out during 2...


What to watch for in the Wild Card round

1/2/14 in NFL   |   droth   |   127 respect

In a previous post, I tried to reduce the NFL playoffs to a three-part checklist and, after some basic statistical analysis, I concluded that the B...


From the Armchair: Kansas City Chiefs, Week 16

12/24/13 in NFL   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Let's forget about that one, shall we?  I think it is safe to say that that was the first (and hopefully last) egg the Kansas City Chie...


Colts WR Da'Rick Rogers' breakout game was no aberration

12/9/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

In most weeks of the NFL season, a few unlikely players will put together some great stat lines, only to cool off and fail to maintain their great ...


Young QB pressure

11/26/13 in NFL   |   RobCarp81   |   20 respect

With the ever-changing rules geared so much toward offensive players and offenses scoring more, pressure on quarterbacks has increased majorly. Add...


From the Armchair: Arizona Cardinals, Week 12

11/26/13 in NFL   |   Kenne   |   15958 respect

The Indianapolis Colts came to Glendale to take on the Cardinals in an unpredictable match that resulted in a score of 40-11, giving the Cardinals ...


Are the inconsistent Colts true Super Bowl contenders?

11/13/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

As a fan of the Oakland Raiders, I was expecting to see my team get trounced by the Indianapolis Colts on opening weekend. Instead, I saw Terrelle ...


Are The Colts Contenders?

11/8/13 in NFL   |   NickMorgan   |   1 respect

Indianapolis is sitting at 6-2 atop the AFC South. The Colts are looking better than they have in recent years. Andrew Luck has lead them through a...


Defending my alma mater

11/7/13 in NFL   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

I hesitate to write this column. I hesitate because I am sick and tired of hearing about Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito and the fiasco in the Mi...


Why The Colts Are Heading For Super Bowl XLVIII

11/4/13 in NFL   |   rich_jones95   |   3 respect

The 2013 NFL season has reached the halfway stage and I’m making a bold prediction. The Indianapolis Colts are heading for the Super Bowl. ...


Colts OC looking to get Trent Richardson in space more often

11/2/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

75 carries, 228 rushing yards, 3.0 yards per carry, two touchdowns, two catches, and 19 receiving yards - those are Trent Richardson's numbers ...


NFL Game Rankings: Week 7

10/16/13 in NFL   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one game on the NFL schedule this weekend. We all know how much fun that game will be...


The Colts will be honoring Peyton Manning before Sunday's game, but is it really an honor?

10/16/13 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Peyton Manning was arguably the greatest Colts player of all time. For the first time ever, he will be playing in Indianapolis as the visitor, this...


The Not-So-Magnificent Seven: NFL Games to Avoid this Weekend

9/27/13 in NFL   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

This weekend’s slate of NFL games offers up several fairly interesting matchups and no shortage of games that can go either way. (Believe m...