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Three released, three promoted, three added to practice squad. Seahawks are busy.

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Edge needs just 18 yards this week to make history.

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Healthy Hasselbeck, new head coach, and a huge off-season give Seahawks hope to reclaim NFC West title

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In a season that was supposed to be a victorious tribute to their legendary departing coach and send Mike Holmgren off into the sunset celebrating,...


Edgerrin James in T.J. Duckett Out | Seahawks | Fantasy Info

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Seahawks Sign Edge for One Year, $2M

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Someone Needs Edgerrin James... Right?

4/29/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Edgerrin James is a free agent now. So who might want the guy who could quite conceivably retire among the top 5 in all-time rushing yards? The ...



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Edgerrin James was cut today after 3 years with the cards he wanted the ball more and when he got he did some things with it will he find a new team?


Ask and ye shall receive... eventually: Cardinals set to release Edgerrin James

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Hall of Famer or Not?

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Do you believe the following players will be Hall of Famers or not?    


This year's Super Bowl MVP could make history... with his hair.

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NFL - Active Touchdown Leaders and Ranking

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As of the 2009 season start, which active NFL players have the most career touchdowns. You must guess which player holds what ranking, # 1-5


Dennis Green Played A Larger Role In Turning Around The Cardinals Than You'd Think

1/21/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

It'd be easy to sit here and say that the Cardinals' success this year is solely the result of Ken Whisenhunt and his coaching staff. Certainly Whi...


Does Edgerrin James Need a Super Bowl Victory More Than Kurt Warner?

1/20/09 in NFL   |   arihoring1   |   41 respect

All the talk this week has been about Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner needing another Super Bowl victory to cement his name in the Hall o...


Regardless of how the Cardinals do in these playoffs Edgerrin James doesn't want to be back next year. "I didn't come here to block. I'm not an offensive lineman."

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Who led the Arizona Cardinals in rushing in 2008?

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Edgerrin James is "in the prime of his career and he wants to contribute, according to his agent, so he's asking for his release from the Cardinals

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Going into the 2009 season which back leads all active playeers in career rushing yards?

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The NFC West! The NL West of the NFL!

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What is it with West divisions this year? Nobody wants to win the NL West. The NFC West won't be much more competitive. There is one good team,...


what year was I drafted?

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I give you a person and you tell me what year they were drafted in.