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Hall of Fame talk is moving to the NFL, where Tony Dungy and others are named finalists

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Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison, Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones are the first-year players listed among the finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fam...


The FBI is now looking into the latest allegations involving Marvin Harrison

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This may be the most riveting thing you read all year: A highly detailed account of the Marvin Harrison gun incident

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The dirtiest player: The GQ expose on Marvin Harrison and the 2008 shooting death of a Philadelphia man.

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Now that he has helped Michael Vick get a job in the NFL, Tony Dungy is shifting his efforts to his old friend Marvin Harrison

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It seems like teams aren't that open to giving Marvin Harrison another SHOT.

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Colts Receiver Anthony Gonzalez is Ready to Start

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ESPN once again does stellar reporting, making sure people know all about Marvin Harrison's alleged victim getting shot again 15 months later

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Man who accused Marvin Harrison of shooting him has been shot seven times, is in critical condition

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Vikings trying to collect old guys, are interested in signing WR Marvin Harrison

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Peter King Twitters that Marvin Harrison is calling it a career. "Knee hurts. Can't get healthy like the old Marvin."

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If Michael Vick Comes Back This Year, Will He Be Comeback Player Of The Year?

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Every year it seems as though that one or two NFL players make an incredible comeback that nobody saw coming.  In the NFL this past year Chad ...


NFL Individual Stats Quiz

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A quiz on player's individual stats.


Who holds the record for receptions in a single season?

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Marvin Harrison doesn't feel like taking a pay cut from the Colts, demands his outright release so he can make much less elsewhere.

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The Marvin Harrison era in Indianapolis might end soon. Will he get another shot with someone else?

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Are NFL Wide Receivers Dumb? Or Are They Just Stupid?

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Why is there a growing trend of NFL wide receivers acting up?  Over the last year and a half, wide receivers have been headlining issues in th...


A riveting, and rather disturbing, look at the real Marvin Harrison. He's most certainly not who you think he is.

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Remember how Marvin Harrison wasn't charged in that Philly shooting incident? Well, word now is that he did have a gun in his hand that night. Uh oh.

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Good news: Marvin Harrison won't have any charges filed against him for that shooting incident over the summer. Bad news: He's not very good anymore.

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