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Best NFL 1st Overall Draft Picks - Super Bowl Era

4/2/13 in NFL   |   Kenne   |   15954 respect

With the draft coming up, which players that were previously picked 1st overall were the best? (during the Super Bowl Era, 1966-present)


Which of these is YOUR top quarterback?

12/15/08 in NFL   |   Jason H   |   respect

Obviously, there is a smaller selection, so the question is out of these options, who is YOUR top quarterback?  You get one "other" ...


NFL week 14 - Which of these happens?

12/1/08 in NFL   |   Jason H   |   respect

It's week 14 ... which of these will happen?


NFL Week 13 - Which of these happens?

11/24/08 in NFL   |   Jason H   |   respect

It's week 13 -- Pick which one of the following happens.  If none of them will happen, choose that option.  Enjoy!