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Week 3 NFL Picks

9/21/14 in NFL   |   scoreboardsteve22   |   12 respect

Week three of the 2014 NFL season is ready to begin and that brings forth another edition of my weekly picks. In week one I went 8-7 and 1-3 agai...


2014 Week 1 NFL Picks

9/7/14 in NFL   |   scoreboardsteve22   |   12 respect

The 2014 NFL season is less than 10 hours away from starting and that means the return of my weekly NFL picks. I’ll pick every single game ...


Jimmy Graham will be paid like a tight end, after an arbitrator rules in favor of the Saints

7/3/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Jimmy Graham and the Saints have been in a fierce battle over how much money he should be paid under the franchise tag. The Saints tagged him as a ...


A 'Who's Who' of who's holding out from mandatory NFL minicamps

6/17/14 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

This week marks mandatory minicamp for 24 of 32 NFL teams, the final offseason organized team activity before NFL training camps open in July. As w...


Who's holding out from mandatory NFL minicamps

6/17/14 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect


NFL “DRAFT” F-U Power Rankings

5/16/14 in NFL   |   marcus_nyce   |   27705 respect

All persons, places and things middle finger related in the form of an indiscriminate list without any set number of entries, on a weekly, biweekly...


TE or WR: The NFLPA has filed on a grievance on behalf of Jimmy Graham

5/8/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Jimmy Graham is a tight end, when it comes to his Pro Bowl selection, fantasy football lineup spot, draft information, and every other piece of inf...


2014 NFL Mock Draft: Seven WR's In Round One, Major QB Falls!

5/8/14 in NFL   |   scoreboardsteve22   |   12 respect


The NFL schedule is out: How does your team's schedule look?

4/24/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

The NFL released its 2014 schedule last night, with the usual pomp and circumstance reserved for national holidays. You can check out the entire...


Jimmy Graham could be the answer for a few NFL teams

3/19/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

The Saints slapped the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jimmy Graham, so there's a great chance that they'll end up retaining their all-word ...


Former Saints S Roman Harper jumps to divisional rival Panthers

3/17/14 in NFL   |   Mia781   |   953 respect

Despite being released by the New Orleans Saints last month, Roman Harper is staying in the NFC South after reaching an agreement with one of the S...


Chip Kelly's offense just got a little more dynamic

3/13/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

LeSean McCoy will be able to get a little more rest next season, since the Eagles have traded for versatile running back Darren Sproles from the Sa...


A krewe of Rob Ryans invades Mardi Gras festivities

3/3/14 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

I've heard of Fat Tuesday, but this is ridiculous. At the Mardi Gras parade of the Krewe D'Etat, held Saturday night because there are too ...


Saints TE Jimmy Graham receives franchise tag, still hope for long-term contract

3/2/14 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

The New Orleans Saints retained their rights to tight end Jimmy Graham with the player receiving the non-exclusive franchise tag towards the end of...


Former Saints LB Will Smith wants to go back to playing DE

2/17/14 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

With free agency still three weeks, Will Smith has hit the open market early following his release by the New Orleans Saints this week. After missi...


NFL Playoff Pain Index: Which playoff losses hurt the most?

2/8/14 in NFL   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

The reality of sports is that only one person or team can win the championship each year. For the NFL, that team this year was the Seahawks, and to...


Saints QB says concussion settlement should be more

1/30/14 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

The NFL has come forward with a $765 million settlement for the lawsuit lodged against them for player insecurity. It might seem that the money inv...


Which QB do NFL players trust most in the clutch?

1/29/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

ESPN conducted a poll of 320 NFL players and asked who they'd prefer as their quarterback with the game on the line. Tom Brady was the t...


Which Head Coach Do NFL Players Most Want to Play For? The Results Are In

1/28/14 in NFL   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

And it's Pete Carroll, by a mile. A few interesting takeaways: None of the teams coached by these guys finished under .500 (th...


Saints may franchise tag Graham, but at what position?

1/21/14 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Jimmy Graham is one of the most versatile players in the NFL. He can line up anywhere in the formation and causes matchup problems regardless of wh...