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Les MetsÚrables

12/11/13 in MLB   |   PAULLEBOWITZ   |   109 respect

Fresh on the heels of the Mets signing and press conference to introduce Curtis Granderson, the afterglow lasted about ten seconds before the fa...


Another Yankee hits the road, as Curtis Granderson moves across town

12/6/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Another big bat is exiting the Yankees' lineup, as outfielder Curtis Granderson has signed a 4 year deal with the Mets worth $60 million. Th...


Predicting Where The Top MLB Free Agents Will Sign

11/14/13 in MLB   |   scoreboardsteve22   |   12 respect

Now that the 2013 MLB season has ended, it's now time to find out where all the free agents will be signings and which teams will get str...


How the qualifying offers will affect MLB free agency

11/9/13 in MLB   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Free agency in baseball has (slowly) gotten underway, but the first big decisions have already been made. These decisions tend to go unnoticed by m...


Curtis Granderson continues to show why he's one of the nicest guys in baseball

5/31/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Curtis Granderson has always been one of baseball's biggest philanthropists, donating and raising large amounts of money to various charitable ...


Hanging in the balance: W2W4 from the 2013 Yankees

4/1/13 in MLB   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

Yep, this guy. Biggest addition: Kevin Youkilis. Pretty strange, huh? With basically every single Yankee bat injured, Youkilis, if he...


Another Yankee down; Teixeira out 8-10 weeks

3/6/13 in MLB   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

The already-depleted New York Yankees lineup just got thinner, as first baseman Mark Teixeira will reportedly be out 8-10 weeks with a strained wri...


Rumor alert: The Yankees might have a serious PED problem

3/5/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Right now, it's merely an unconfirmed rumor. A product of anonymous sources, who may or may not be the same anonymous sources who correctly pre...


Yankees Deny Johnny Damon Once Again

2/27/13 in MLB   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

The New York Yankees have suffered a blow to their outfield and their lineup when news surfaced of Curtis Granderson's broken arm, keeping him ...


Curtis Granderson breaks his arm, is out 10 weeks

2/24/13 in MLB   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Curtis Granderson got plunked by the Blue Jays J.A. Happ in his first Spring Training at bat Sunday, resulting in a fractured arm that is expected ...


Yankee hitters baffled by 'slower, curvier fastballs that keep falling out of the strikezone'

10/16/12 in MLB   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

Any way you look at it, the New York Yankees lineup is studded with veterans, former all-stars and future hall of famers, many of whom have ...


Tigers and Yankees Becoming a Big Rivalry?

10/13/12 in MLB   |   Andrew_Ericksen   |   230 respect

In December of 2009, the Detroit public was forced to wave goodbye to one of the town’s most respected, well-liked, and overall most talented...


Sunday Words

7/15/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

July 15th is an important day in the history of America. On this day in 69' Rod Carew stole home - Yes, home plate - for his league-leading 7th...


Winning Because They Can: What's Fueling the 2012 Yankees?

6/18/12 in MLB   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

           What exactly are the New York Yankees playing for right now? For the Nationals, their eagerness comes n...


UPDATE: Verlander wins AL MVP -- And I Had No Idea Who Should Have Won

11/21/11 in MLB   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

UPDATE: Verlander wins it.  Justin Verlander of the Tigers overcame the stigma facing pitchers and won the AL MVP today. The righty receive...


The newest Yankee discusses his new team, his new role, and someday playing in Chicago

12/10/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect


So Long Mr. Granderson and Mr. Jackson, Your Services Are No Longer Needed In Detroit.

12/8/09 in MLB   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect


Want one of the most underrated players in baseball? He's available, according to the Tigers.

11/11/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect


The Tigers beat the ChiSox again on Saturday, have a 3 game lead in the A.L. Central.

7/25/09 in MLB   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect


Curtis Granderson Is Your Current Leader For Catch Of The Year

5/9/09 in MLB   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Curtis Granderson has been doing some serious work this year for Los Tigeres. The man already has nine home runs and 19 RBI. But he's als...