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5 NBA players that should pull a Jason Kidd when they retire

6/12/13 in NBA   |   droth   |   127 respect

Now that it's looking more and more like Jason Kidd will actually take over the Nets head coaching position, it got me thinking about which oth...


Chauncey Billups Says Blake Griffin Is 'Too Nice' And 'Soft Inside'

6/10/13 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Leave it to Stephen A. Smith to get a phenomenal soundbyte out of someone. The ESPN First Take host elaborated on Skip Bayless’ quest...


Chauncey Billups wants front office role after he retires

6/10/13 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

  Chauncey Billups is not ready to retire just yet, but the 36 year-old point guard already has plans after his storied career is over.&nbs...


Vinny Del Negro gets no respect; is it warranted?

5/22/13 in NBA   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Vinny Del Negro appears to be the scapegoat everywhere. The man has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the ...


Will Chauncey Billups Help or Hurt Clippers?

2/26/13 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

Last season, the New York Knicks decided to part ways with Chauncey Billups via the amnesty clause and he and his agent warned teams against claimi...


Los Angeles Clippers' Injuries Lead Them Into A Losing Spiral

2/5/13 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

After having one of the strongest starts in Los Angeles Clippers history, the team has fallen into a slump, largely due to injuries. Chris P...


Chauncey Billups' Injury Woes Continue, But Chris Paul Wants Him To Take It Easy

12/8/12 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Talk about bad luck. After making his recent return to the Los Angeles Clippers, Chauncey Billups has another injury that's landed him o...


Chauncey Billups Will Return In The Clippers Rotation Tonight

11/28/12 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Los Angeles Clippers fans can rejoice because Chauncey Billups has returned. Billups has been recovering from a torn Achilles tendon since F...


Chauncey Billups Won't Be There For The Clippers

9/28/12 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

This is disappointing. Chauncey Billups ruptured his Achilles tendon on February 6th, and has been out ever since then. He anticipated ...


LA Clippers Shooting Guard Obsession

7/11/12 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

The LA Clippers have been in the offseason news a lot lately, and for good reason. They continue to try and build a legitimate contender in a deep ...


Clippers Are Powering Up Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups

7/8/12 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

It looks like the Clippers are still building a team that they think can beat the Lakers, let alone the NBA. This is done in their special "Cl...


Can the Los Angeles Clippers Contend?

6/30/12 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

The question following a successful season is always the same: Can they continue to improve and perhaps advance? With the Los Angeles Clippers, tha...


Chauncey Billups is out for the year, and possibly for his career

2/7/12 in NBA   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Monday night's injury to Chauncey Billups proved to be as serious as expected. The 35-year-old guard has a torn left Achilles' tendon, whic...


Chauncey Billups Injured, Kevin Love Suspended and More..

2/7/12 in NBA   |   dazzblack   |   61 respect

Here are some more injury news and updates. Among the Monday injuries was also that of the LA Clippers star guard Chauncey Billups. I somehow m...


Tyson Chandler signs with the New York Knicks, team to waive Chauncey Billups

12/9/11 in NBA   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

UPDATE: The Knicks acquired Tyson Chandler as part of a three-team sign-and-trade with Dallas and Washington. The Knicks will acquire Chandler and ...


Taylor Mays Practices with USC Song Girls. No Wonder He's Staying In School [FanIQ Blog Week In Review]

6/12/09 in NCAAF   |   Jess   |   34885 respect

The best of the blog from this past week - Enjoy! Federer Wins Fourteenth HOF'er…is he, or is he not? Smashing a guitar j...


Does Chauncey Billups Belong In The Hall of Famer? Not Even Close.

6/7/09 in NBA   |   kantwistaye   |   4215 respect

For most of the year, and especially in recent weeks, there has been talk about Chauncey Billups, his value, and whether or not he is a Hall of Fam...


Lakers finally give Kobe some help, take pivotal Game 5, 103-94

5/28/09 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect


Nuggets blast the Lakers in Game 4, 120-101

5/26/09 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect


The Denver Nuggets manage to steal home court advantage from the Lakers with a 106-103 win.

5/22/09 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect