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Mavs Sign Monta Ellis

7/12/13 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

  The Dallas Mavericks have signed shooting guard Monta Ellis to a three-year deal that could be worth as much as $30 million.  The...


2013 NBA Free Agency Outlook

7/1/13 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Tons of NBA players hit the open market each offseason, and the high number of unsigned ballers can be pretty difficult to keep track of. In this a...


Another big free agent will hit the market, with Monta Ellis opting out

6/18/13 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Add another big name free agent to the already stacked free agent class this offseason, as Monta Ellis will reportedly opt out of the last year of ...


Report: Monta Ellis Turns Down Two-Year Extension From Bucks

6/7/13 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

According to the Journal Sentinel, Monta Ellis has turned down a two-year extension worth $24.8 million from the Milwaukee Bucks.  Elli...


Monta Ellis gambles on himself, turns down extension with Bucks

6/7/13 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Milwaukee Bucks guard Monta Ellis is set to enter the final season of the six-year, $66 million contract he signed back when he was playing for the...


Eastern Conference season wrap-ups: gone fishin'

6/21/13 in NBA   |   droth   |   127 respect

Only one team finishes the NBA Playoffs truly happy.  For everyone else, well, there's always next year. As we progress in the pla...


NBA Season Wrap Up: Milwaukee Bucks

5/9/13 in NBA   |   droth   |   127 respect

As we get deeper in the playoffs, we will look at  the teams that have been eliminated along the way.  In our most recent wrap up, we exa...


Congratulations, T-Mac! You finally made it out of the 1st round

4/30/13 in NBA   |   droth   |   127 respect

Five minutes, 0 for 1 from the field, one assist, one steal, one turnover, and one foul. Tracy McGrady may not fill the stat sheet like he used to ...


NBA Playoffs: The best individual matchups in round 1

4/19/13 in NBA   |   droth   |   127 respect

Single elimination tournaments like the NCAA's or the NFL playoffs are great.  The drama is high and each moment is significant and exciti...


Wild Wednesday night in the Association

2/28/13 in NBA   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

In one of the more wild games at the Garden in a while, the Knicks survived an explosion from Warriors guard Stephen Curry. While Curry had an NBA ...


Crazy night in the NBA

2/28/13 in NBA   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect


Bucks are active in talks for Hawks' Smith

2/19/13 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

The Hawks have made it apparent that they intend on moving forward Josh Smith before the trade deadline, and to no surprise, plenty of teams are in...


Bucks and Warriors complete blockbuster: Monta Ellis Milwaukee-bound

3/13/12 in NBA   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

According to multiple reports, the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors have completed a blockbuster trade that will send star guard Monta Ell...


Warriors' star Monta Ellis accused of sexual harassment

12/20/11 in NBA   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Boys never learn, do they? Clearly Monta Ellis wasn't paying attention to Brett Favre and the fallout from the pics of his manhood that got sent ou...


Monta Ellis is a man, man.

11/26/09 in NBA   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect


Don Nelson may step down as head coach of the Warriors as soon as next week.

11/14/09 in NBA   |   guylake   |   321 respect


It's hard to find talent in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft, but here are 10 guys who have defied the odds.

9/7/09 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5235 respect


Monta Ellis Mopeds back his way back onto the Warriors on Friday

1/22/09 in NBA   |   spankyc14   |   14 respect

Monta Ellis makes his long-awaited return to the Warriors on Friday.  Can the Warriors climb out of the depths of the Western Conference?


I Doubt It's How It Really Happened, But If Monta Ellis Got Hurt Zorbing, Then You Might Say He's Soft

9/9/08 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Monta Ellis' ankle injury has left everyone shaking their head. It has become evident that it's not a basketball-related injury, and Ellis' relucta...


Two Doctors Are Fairly Confident Monta Ellis Didn't Hurt Himself Playing Basketball

9/3/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

I thought I'd throw you a curve ball and talk about the NBA briefly. Not about a lame team name and ugly logo, but a lame excuse and ugly injury....