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You Heard It Here First, Folks. Shaq Must Read The FanIQ Blog, Because He Threw It Down Hard On Greg Oden.

12/19/08 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

If you checked out last night's NBA Live Thread, then you would have seen where my good friend and partner in crime, 100%InjuryRate was qui...


The C's May Have Won The War, But Josh Smith Owned Kendrick Perkins In This Battle [Insane Dunk Video]

12/18/08 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

The Celtics managed to squeak out an 88-85 win over the Hawks last night, but it was a lot tougher than some people expected. This Hawks te...


Jason Richardson Can Still Put It Down [Insane Dunk Video]

12/2/08 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Jason Richardson blew everyone's collective mind when he was younger, winning 2 dunk contests and throwing it down seemingly every game wit...


The NBA: Where "OMG Check Out This Crazy Video On Youtube" Happens

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The last 3 nights in NBA action have produced some awesome moments. Fortunately, the wonders of the internet allow us to peruse said moments at our...


The Circus Is Following The Houston Rockets And We Don't Mean Ron Artest

10/30/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

One of the teams I was most looking forward to watching this week was the Houston Rockets. For starters, you have to watch them while the...


He is the best point guard alive.

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Prince Blocks Magic's Guarantee, Sends Pistons to Eastern Conference Finals, Again

5/14/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Normally after the New Orleans Hornets win a playoff game I write a love sonnet for Chris Paul. My man crush is still strong for CP3, b...


Officially In Love with Watching Chris Paul Play Basketball

4/23/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

I'm not afraid to admit it anymore, I'm in love with Chris Paul's game. Full blown man crush. For the second game in a row, the first t...


Corey Brewer Ends His Rookie Season With An Emphatic Du ... Oops

4/17/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Corey Brewer has had a strong rookie season. This dunk attemp last night was not strong. Terribly weak, in fact.


Bulls 151, Bucks 135: What Happens When Both Teams Try to Lose

4/15/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

It was evident from the outset that both teams had a similar gameplan going into last night's contest in Milwaukee -- play zero defense, ho...


Hornets-Cavs: David West Hits Game Winner (Chris Paul Assist)

3/27/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Exhibit 3,003 why Chris Paul continues to get my vote for MVP. Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are better talents, but all CP3 does is make ev...


There Were Some Important NBA Games This Weekend, Too

3/24/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Yes, the NBA continued to play on this weekend. You may not have noticed, but here's a couple results worth remembering: Hornets 113, ...


Boston Celtics (Without Ray Allen) Take Down Spurs, Rockets Up Next

3/18/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Coincidence or not, there are some huge NBA games early this week before the NCAA Tournament starts. Boston began a three-game road tri...


Block of the Year: Jason Maxiell Eliminates Tyson Chandler Alley-oop

3/17/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

I promise we'll actually get talking about this March Madness business, but we've got time. First, the rejection Mike Tirico accurately dub...


Rafer Alston Goes Skip 2 My Lou on Sasha Vujacic to Celebrate 22nd Straight Rockets Win

3/17/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Between Georgia's improbable run, Kansas-Texas shootout, Tiger Woods playing golf and the brackets about to be released I completely lost t...


Rajon Rondo Takes It To Rip Hamilton, Receives Standing Ovation

3/6/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

As annoying as Boston fans may be at times, you can never make the claim they aren't great fans. Rajon Rondo, playing his last game bef...


NBA MVP: Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?

3/3/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

It was a perfect Sunday for David Stern as his two marquee stars put on a show. Lebron, with an improved supporting cast but nowhere...


Jamal Crawford: More Knicks Ball Hogging Hilarity

2/28/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

You really have to give the New York Knicks a lot of credit. Most professional sports teams that suck aren't entertaining to watch whatsoev...


NBA All-Star Flashbacks: 1988 Dunk Contest - Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins

2/11/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Throughout the week we'll be flashing back to the classic highlights of NBA All-Star Weekends past ... I figure we might as well start ...


Rajon Rondo-All of the lights

10/27/11 in NBA   |   T_Mac15   |   0 respect

This video shows a quick bio (although there is one mistake) of rondo as well as some of his highlights of his 2011 season. This video also shows h...