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WrestleMania: The Rock or John Cena?

3/16/13 in WWE   |   kjbriden   |   19 respect

Last year, The Rock beat John Cena, sending Cena into a funk that lasted several months and cost him numerous chances at CM Punk's WWE Champion...


WWE Presents: WrestleMania XXVIII: 4/1/12

3/20/12 in WWE   |   Dream_Machine   |   13448 respect


Who Are Your Top 10 Wrestlers?

12/31/09 in WWE   |   ihavethebestlife11111   |   37 respect

I made this poll because I wanted to see what would people pick as #1,#2,#3,and so on. If you choose "other", please explain who ...


What would be your dream match?

7/10/09 in WWE   |   cowboysmb3dw28   |   respect

Okay keep in mind, there are so many possible dream matches out there it is impossible for me to write them all down. So I came up with some possib...


Who is your fav HEEL wrestler in wwe currently ?

7/7/09 in WWE   |   coopdbest   |   respect


Which one has won the most matches?

3/13/09 in WWE   |   kaylamarkley15   |   respect

Just click your answer.


WWE Who Well Win Final

10/17/08 in WWE   |   FzSearch   |   respect

Final Fighting