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A 'Who's Who' of who's holding out from mandatory NFL minicamps

6/17/14 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

This week marks mandatory minicamp for 24 of 32 NFL teams, the final offseason organized team activity before NFL training camps open in July. As w...


Who's holding out from mandatory NFL minicamps

6/17/14 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect


Leave Marshawn Lynch Alone

1/30/14 in NFL   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

Just imagine having social anxiety and facing this On the field, Marshawn Lynch plays like a giant. But under the glare of cameras,&n...


Marshawn Lynch is making it hard to root against Seattle

1/30/14 in NFL   |   droth   |   127 respect

I remember the day that Marshawn Lynch became a Seahawk. It was back in 2010, before the rivalry between the Seahawks and my 49ers escalated to its...


Should Marshawn Lynch have to speak to the media?

1/30/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Marshawn Lynch's hesitance to talk to the media this year. Lynch left his Media Day podium after only abou...


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch hyping up for Saturday Divisional Playoff game

1/10/14 in NFL   |   Mia781   |   953 respect

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch or more popularly known as “Beast Mode” doesn’t say much but lets his game do the ta...


NFL Playoffs: Saturday Divisional Round Picks

1/8/14 in NFL   |   AustinBelisle   |   9 respect

Saints at Seahawks (Saturday, 4:35 PM EST) The Saints and Seahawks will meet Saturday afternoon in a rematch of their Monday night showdown on D...


Marshawn Lynch's silence worth every penny

1/6/14 in NFL   |   Jess   |   34896 respect

As you may have already heard, Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch was fined $50k this week for not speaking to the media this season. It's no s...


What We Learned from the Fantasy Football Season

12/31/13 in NFL   |   Andrew_Ericksen   |   230 respect

Not too early to get started on planning for next year, right? While this season is still fresh in our heads, lets take a look at three of the most...


Seahawks expect Marshawn Lynch (knee) to play Sunday

11/3/13 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

Despite missing practices earlier this week due to knee injury, running back Marshawn Lynch is expected to be ready to go when the Seattle Seahawks...


From the Armchair: Arizona Cardinals, Week 7

10/18/13 in NFL   |   Kenne   |   15959 respect

   This week the Cardinals hosted their division rivals the Seattle Seahawks at home in Glendale for round 1 of 2 this season in a loss o...


Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch fined $5,250 for wrong color shoes

10/6/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

The NFL’s fashion police is once again cracking down on violators of the uniform policy, and Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lync...


Russell Wilson could approach elite status in 2013

5/21/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

It's just about impossible to argue the fact that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had a phenomenal rookie campaign. He completed 64.1% of h...


College football weekend news roundup

3/25/13 in NCAAF   |   Tyler_Waddell   |   426 respect

Good morning college football fans, and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend – here are some interesting headlines you may ...


Gimpy Marshawn Lynch struggles in loss to Falcons

1/14/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Seattle Seahawks' running back Marshawn Lynch was one of the best running backs in the NFL this season, finishing third in rushing yards with 1...


The Falcons and Seahawks gave us one more reason this is the best weekend of the year

1/13/13 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Matt Ryan finally got his first playoff win, but he certainly has a few teammates to thank for it. Tony Gonzalez didn't have a monster game ...


Marshawn Lynch dealing with foot sprain

1/11/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Running back Marshawn Lynch returned to Seahawks practice Friday on a limited basis after sitting out both Wednesday and Thursday's practices. ...


Divisional Round Picks for Fantasy Playoff Challenge

1/9/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

You certainly don't need any added incentive to watch football this weekend, with a good slate of games scheduled for the Divisional Round of t...


Picks for Fantasy Playoff Challenge

1/2/13 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

You may have thought that you were looking down a long and lonely road of a fantasy football-less voyage to your next fantasy draft, but think agai...


Overheard in Seattle: 58-0 in photo captions

12/10/12 in NFL   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

Wait, why do you keep running away from us?! Have we tried that Lindley guy yet? Everybody who loves gay marriage, s...