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Matt Kempís Tabloid Romances Are A Red Flag

12/17/13 in MLB   |   PAULLEBOWITZ   |   109 respect

It’s not uncommon for teams that are trying to acquire a star player to have to take a salary dump along with him as part of the deal. Someti...


The Red Sox are sticking with their strategy from last year, loading up on closer candidates

12/5/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Last year, the Red Sox had a pretty successful bullpen despite the fact that their top two closer options (Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey) went do...


Matt Kemp has surgery on his left ankle

10/22/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Matt Kemp injured his ankle on July 21st, and it was diagnosed as a sprain. It was worse than that though, because the Los Angeles Dodger underwe...


Matt Kemp will undergo shoulder surgery

10/11/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

The Los Angeles Dodgers are getting ready for their next series, but Matt Kemp is set to get shoulder surgery. Kemp will go under the knife to...


Ominous Rumblings From the Mets

9/28/13 in MLB   |   PAULLEBOWITZ   |   109 respect

All along, there has been the implication that once Jason Bay’s and Johan Santana’s salaries were off the books and the non-productive ...


Matt Kemp might be out for the rest of the season

9/8/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Since Matt Kemp sprained his left ankle, he’s been trying to work his way back into the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation. However, Don Matti...


Matt Kemp says he'll be sore for the rest of the season

8/28/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Just days ago, Don Mattingly said that he would keep Matt Kemp out of the Los Angeles Dodgers lineup until he was 100 percent, but the slugger must...


Matt Kemp wonít return until heís 'sharp' and 100 percent

8/26/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

The Los Angeles Dodgers have just suffered their first series loss since June, but Don Mattingly isn’t going to bring Matt Kemp back until ...


Matt Kemp Hits the 15-Day DL

7/25/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

As of Wednesday, Matt Kemp has been placed on the 15-day DL thanks to his sprained left ankle. He just came back from missing 11 games due to a ...


Nice try, Matt Kemp, but you're still not the 2011 MVP

7/24/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

You can add Matt Kemp to the ever-growing list of people saying absolutely asinine things in the aftermath of Ryan Braun's 65-game suspension f...


Matt Kemp Sent To The 15-Day DL Due To Hamstring Injury

5/30/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

And the hits keep on coming, but they're not the kind of hits they want. Matt Kemp left Wednesday's game with and hamstring injury a...


Dodgers' misery continues as Matt Kemp heads to the DL

5/30/13 in MLB   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Dodgers’ centerfielder Matt Kemp is headed to the 15-day DL with a mild strain of the right hamstring. Kemp has been a major disappointment f...


Mattingly & Kasten Disagree On Why Kemp Can't Hit

5/28/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Matt Kemp is one of the most perplexing people on the Los Angeles Dodgers and it seems like no one can agree on what is keeping him from performin...


What's Wrong With Matt Kemp?

5/28/13 in MLB   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

Last season Matt Kemp became the star Los Angeles needed on their baseball team. LA always needs a superstar talent on their roster and Matt was th...


Matt Kemp Ups His Donation To Oklahoma Tornado Victims

5/22/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Let me start this off by saying that any relief that the victims of the Oklahoma tornado can get is amazing. Now, onto Mr. Wonderful. Matt K...


Between Matt Kemp and Hyun-Jin Ryu, the Dodgers are a pretty fan friendly group

5/14/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

A week ago, we gave you Matt Kemp making a young fan's day by giving him damn near his entire uniform. This week, it's pitcher Hy...


What's the deal with the new interleague schedule?

4/19/13 in MLB   |   droth   |   127 respect

Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm just not a big fan interleague play.   And now, with 15 teams in each league, a year-round interlea...


The World Champion San Francisco Giants Open in Los Angeles

4/1/13 in MLB   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

Last season, the trade deadline came and went with the Giants acquiring a right fielder from Philadelphia in Hunter Pence to help their inconsisten...


Matt Kemp Could Return As Soon As Friday

3/1/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

While some players spent the offseason gaining weight, Matt Kemp spent his recovering from shoulder surgery. And it seems like he's fina...


No Playoff Baseball in Los Angeles

10/3/12 in MLB   |   Andrew_Ericksen   |   230 respect

2012 couldn’t have been any more eventful for LA’s two baseball teams, but after today, Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium will lay dorma...