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Who's the better running back?

8/9/13 in NFL   |   collinbentley11   |   71 respect

Whos better - Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson?


Who would you rather have on your team? (In Their Prime?)

1/10/10 in NFL   |   collinbentley11   |   71 respect

LaDainian Tomlinson.Vs. Maurice Jones Drew.Vs.Chris Johnson.Vs. Brian Westbrook.Vs.Joseph Addai.Vs. Adrain Peterson.Vs.Cameron Newton.Vs.LaMic...



12/3/09 in NFL   |   misanthrope   |   118 respect

Will Chris Johnson reach 2000 yards rushing this year.


NFL MVP candidates through Week 12

12/2/09 in NFL   |   qtowndogg   |   1846 respect

Now that we've finished Week 12 and each NFL team has 5 games to play, who should be the MVP -- wait for the cliche -- if the season ende...