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Projecting Fred VanVleet's Final Stat Line and Blueprint for Success vs Kentucky

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March Madness continues, as we welcome the ladies to the party! [Live Sports Thread]

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Okay, so the ladies joined yesterday, but we were MIA. Happy Sunday, sports fans! Wow, do we have a full day of entertainment lined up for us to...


Kentucky vs. Wichita State Betting Line, March Madness Analysis, Pick

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Day 2 of March Madness headlines a Friday full of sports [Live Thread]

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Greetings, sports fans! How many brackets are already busted out there? Any perfect ones left? I bet today will fix that... Not only do we have ...


NCAA Tournament: Predicting the Midwest Region

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We wrap up our 2014 NCAA tournament predictions with a look at the Midwest region, which is clearly the 'bracket of death' for number one s...


Wichita State Gets the Bracket of Death

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If you took away all the seedings and glanced at the 2014 NCAA tournament bracket, you might mistake the Wichita State Shockers for a five-seed in ...


Getting close to March Madness! [Live Sports Thread]

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Greetings, sports fans! With the Olympics over now, the schedule looks a little more anemic, but fear not! Hockey will be back in full swing again ...


Inside Wichita State's Pursuit of Perfection

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When Will the Remaining Unbeaten Teams Lose?

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It’s the middle of January and only three unbeaten teams remain in all of Division I basketball. We’re around the midpoint of the co...


Game On! Sports Lineup 1/14/14 [Live Sports Thread]

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Greetings, sports fans! So we have quite a few games of hoops tonight, both at the college level and in the NBA. We've also got a full slate of...


Building Off A Final Four: Wichita State's 13-0 Start

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It is always one of March’s favorite moments. A team from a non-BCS conference makes a run to the Final Four and the country pays attention. ...


This Year's Wichita State? - Three Teams to Watch

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One of the joys that keeps people riveted to their television come NCAA Tournament time is the Cinderella squad who come together as a team to knoc...


Can Wichita State continue their Cinderella run against an inspired Cards team? [Final Four Live Thread]

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Many people have slated Louisville as the winner of this tournament, but did anyone expect Wichita State to have come this far? It almost makes Gon...


Final Four on the line [Elite 8 Open Thread]

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I hope you all use this as a forum to discuss the games, and not as advice for picks, cause man, my predictions have been atrocious.  Let&#...


After brief hiatus, the NCAA Tourney is back [Sweet 16 Open Thread]

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Man, it feels like forever since Sunday. I'm ready for some more Madness -- are you? Here are the Sweet Sixteen games on Thursday: No. 2 ...


What should I do with my bracket, which is no longer worth the paper it was printed on?

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The Sweet Sixteen is set, and the round will start on Thursday night. After two round of full tournament action, only one thing is clear: Your b...



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Like many, I spent last Monday – Wednesday carefully analyzing the 64 teams and matchups in the hopes of picking a perfect bracket or to win ...


March Madness AND the weekend? Yes please! [Saturday NCAA Open Thread]

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Happy Weekend, sports fans! It's Saturday, and do we really care if what the weather is doing? It's March Madness! Yesterday I went 12/1...


Finally, Madness is here! [Thursday NCAA Open Thread]

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Who thinks today should be a national holiday? Well, that goes with out saying. Let's get to the games (in order of start time). No. 3 Mi...


March Mayhem on FanIQ gives you three contests for three chances to win!

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It's finally here - March Madness on FanIQ! The committee has announced the seeding and regions; Louisville takes first seed in th...