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Will the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals also go to OT?

6/7/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

The New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings fought through the regular season, then the post-season, knocking off each team in turn to make it t...


It's time for the Rangers and Kings to get this party started! [Live Thread]

6/4/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

It started in October and has all come down to this.  Tonight the Stanley Cup final series gets underway in Los Angeles.  The New York...


Playoffs continue but could end for two teams tonight

4/27/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I'm not sure who said it first, but this year the playoffs have not failed to deliver excitement.  Other than the Montreal Canadiens dispa...


It's Easter Sunday Hockey

4/20/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

One thing I can say for certain, the playoff hockey so far is amazing. The pre-game between Philadelphia and the Rangers is already underway, wi...


The Quest for Lord Stanley's Cup Continues

4/18/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Boston and Detroit haven't played a game yet in the playoffs, so tonight we get our first look at that series.  Boston finished on top in ...


No concussion, no injuries for Sedin

4/14/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Last night, during the second period in the game between the Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks, Daniel Sedin received a vicious hit by Paul ...


Calgary Flames closing out a season chock full of nailbiting games

4/11/14 in NHL   |   darrinpeppers   |   5 respect

Does playing 49 games decided by a single goal this season mean the Calgary Flames' rebuild will be quick? There's been both fun and fru...


Luongo moves to opposite corner of the continent in trade

3/4/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

The goalie who took Canada to a gold medal in 2010 , controlled the pipes for the Canucks for four years, and lost his starting position to Cory Sc...


Wow! What a day of sports! And the Oscars as well

3/2/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

The NHL has continued with the tradition of outdoor games and has, in fact, expanded on it.  Up here in Canada, while winter still is the norm...


Now that Christmas Is Over, Enjoy Some Hockey Tonight! [NHL Live Thread]

12/27/13 in NHL   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Hello out there in FanIQ Land and welcome to the Q NHL Pregame Show!  We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and got everything you wanted.  ...


Twas the Night Before Christmas and Almost Every Team Will Play! [NHL Live Thread]

12/23/13 in NHL   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the league, Many teams are scheduled for an all out blitzkrieg. The stockings are hung in the lo...


Pre-Christmas Hockey Games - Just what we need on a Saturday!

12/14/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

It's a rare Saturday off for me. and the Flames play an afternoon game.  They have surprised me recently with some wins I hoped for, and y...


After a Sunday full of football, how about a Monday full of hockey?

11/25/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Saturday is the night for hockey, but Sunday is all football. Monday shows us some of both, and we have a lot of games to watch tonight. Joining me...


10 Games on a Friday Night? HELL YEAH! [NHL Live Thread]

11/15/13 in NHL   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Hello out there in FanIQ Land and welcome to an NHL Friday night.  It's not often we have this much action on a Friday, but TGIF I say tod...


Yes, we have football, but what about HOCKEY?

11/14/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

The week has been full of career ending injury news, but thankfully not in hockey.  Steve Stamkos suffered a broken tibia on Monday, but has u...


Are you ready for some Hockey?

11/7/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Thursday night is definitely hockey night in our household.  I mean, every night is hockey night, but Thursday always features so many games t...


The Flyers and Caps have a line fight because Ray Emery is a crazy person

11/2/13 in NHL   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Down 7-0 in the third period to the Capitals, it was almost a given that the Flyers would start something. It's the Flyers, and that's what...


Hockey to start off the weekend? Why not! [NHL Live Thread]

10/25/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I'm baaack!  So yesterday was nuts for me, and I wasn't able to even take five minutes to make picks for the games, even though in my ...


Football? Nah. Baseball? Not even. Hockey? Hell Yeah! [Live Thread]

10/22/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

We aren't ten games into the season and yet already a few teams are sending a message to the rest that they are in this to win it all.  Sa...


It's Thursday, so what could be more fun than hockey? [NHL Live Thread]

10/17/13 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Tonight's round of hockey features a few games which could be labelled the "Game of the Night".  Only two teams remain undefeate...