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Ervin Santana wants over $100 million in free agency

11/8/13 in MLB   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

There's nothing like playing well in a contract year, right? I wouldn't know, as my athleticism has never warranted monetary compensation, ...


Who wins the NL Cy Young?

9/11/13 in MLB   |   jvardaman   |   3 respect

This season has seen a lot of regular Cy Young award candidates-- Matt Cain, Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay, to name a few-- have uncharacteristicall...


Dodgers' misery continues as Matt Kemp heads to the DL

5/30/13 in MLB   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Dodgers’ centerfielder Matt Kemp is headed to the 15-day DL with a mild strain of the right hamstring. Kemp has been a major disappointment f...


Zack Greinke Is Back In Action For The Dodgers

5/15/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Zack’s back! Some good news in Dodgerland came on Wednesday with the announcement that pitcher Zack Greinke would be returning to the moun...


AJ Ellis Wants You To Stay Classy Against San Diego

4/15/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Tensions are now higher between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres than ever before, after Zack Greinke had his collarbone broken by C...


Zach Greinke Will Get Surgery On Saturday, Out Eight Weeks

4/12/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

This is all kinds of bad news. Originally, it was thought that Zach Greinke would be out around six weeks due to his broken collarbone, but it w...


TGI Funny photo caption: Benches clear in San Diego

4/12/13 in MLB   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

One day when we all look back on this, it's going to kind of look like we both won the World Series. Beat this caption,...


Zack Greinke will be out for a while after breaking his collarbone in a bench-clearing brawl

4/12/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Carlos Quention objected to being hit with a pitch by Zack Greinke, and immediately charged the mound. In the ensuing brawl, Greinke broke his c...


Zack Greinke Keeps Mum On His Elbow

3/12/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

The Los Angeles Dodgers took a $147 million risk with Zack Greinke, and it seems like he may be off to a rough start. The pitcher returned t...


Zack Greinke Signed With Dodgers Because They Were 'Highest Bidder'

2/27/13 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Loyalty, championships and anxiety disorders be damned; show me the money! That's Zack Greinke's motto. The pitcher signed a $147 mi...


MLB 2012: The Rewind Finale...Finally

12/31/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

The 2012 MLB calendar is finally over! What a year it was.   From the introduction to a one-game Wild Card to the media-farce of Roger ...


MLB Rumors: Should Nick Swisher Go to the Texas Rangers?

12/20/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

Nick Swisher, now that top-tier players have been picked off the free agent market, is currently weighing the three or four teams interested in his...


Texas Rangers: Why the Offseason is Not a Total Failure

12/19/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

The Texas Rangers, after falling short to acquire Zack Greinke, and losing Josh Hamilton to the Angels, are struggling this offseason to fill needs...


Zack Greinke to the Los Angeles Dodgers: 2013 World Series Champions?

12/9/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

The Los Angeles Dodgers are continuing their monetary pursuit towards excellence (they hope), reportedly spending big to get coveted free-agent pit...


REPORT: Zack Greinke Met With The Dodgers And Angels

11/30/12 in MLB   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

It seems like pitcher Zack Greinke may be staying in Southern California. According to sources, Greinke and the Dodgers met on Thursday and ...


Zack Greinke has been traded to the Angels

7/27/12 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Remember when I said Zack Greinke was going to be traded any day now? Yeah, that was earlier today. And that day has already come. Greinke ha...


Zack Greinke could be the difference-maker on a contender... but which one?

7/27/12 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin has pretty much admitted that ace Zack Greinke is on his way out of town. The Brewers are 14 games out of 1st plac...


A Free Report.....In Jeopardy??

7/14/12 in MLB   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

In the days leading up to the All-Star break, a classified report containing emails, texts, tweets and letters to the teacher was decoded at the of...


New York Yankees Rotation Thins Out Quickly

6/27/12 in MLB   |   Anthony_Raia   |   37 respect

The New York Yankees have been on a tear lately, such a tear that they have overcome their slow start to launch themselves to the top the standings...


MLB Network's Top 10 Starting Pitchers

1/18/12 in MLB   |   Carlo_S   |   28 respect

Yesterday on MLB Network’s Top 10 Right Now!, host Brian Kenny, former MLB pitcher Al Leiter, and writer Joe Sheehan ranked MLB’s top-t...