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Eyes Wide Open

Today in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

I often refer to an early game in the midweek or on Saturday as "sneaking in to steal one", but the reality of the situation from yesterd...


Mad Season

Yesterday in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

If it's possible, the weird got a lot more weird yesterday.  MLB announced it was upholding a protest by the Giants stemming from Tuesday ...


Raintown Boys

8/20/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Wild, weird, whacky stuff in Chi-Town last night.  The Giants and Cubs were surprised by one of those microburst storms that dumped so much ra...


King Of The Nighttime World

8/19/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

A little bit later than normal today because I could.  No late games from the west coast last night gave me plenty of time to get most of my r...



8/18/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The game has a way of being a very humbling experience sometimes.  Nothing went as planned, or as it should have yesterday for me.  It se...


Ride The Wind

8/17/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The Force is strong in this one.  I'm not omniscient, but the instincts are running at a very high level right now.  There's no o...



8/16/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Some tense moments late in the game in Arlington last night, but Skipper Mike Scioscia was able to pull the right strings with his pen and hang on ...



8/15/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

It's all falling into place right now.  I'm getting my wins.  The Royals are red hot and acting like they don't want to give ...


Scratched Out

8/14/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Things didn't line up right in that 1st game in Cleveland yesterday afternoon.  The pitching matchup didn't go as it was listed in the...


Cool The Engines

8/13/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

A bit of a cool down last night with the Cardinals.  I've still hit on 8 of my last 11 plays, so there's no reason to panic at all.&nb...


Ride Captain Ride

8/12/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

It was like pulling teeth with the Twins last night.  But in the end, it was like an old western movie.  The hero rides in on his white s...


Very Bad Things

8/11/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Yes I know.  The Mets/Phillies game is already well underway, and I haven't seen it from the start.  That's the worst thing ever,...


That's The Way Of The World

8/10/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The Pirates just couldn't get it done last night.  It's not like they didn't have any chances to do so.  There were plenty of...


Keepin' The Faith

8/9/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Okay, so now there's one absolute in life:  I will not bet against my Royals for the rest of this season until they're eliminated from...


Rubberband Man

8/8/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Strong rebound for me yesterday with the trifecta.  It's not in my nature to get loud about my greatness.  That's up to you to de...


Bad Company

8/7/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Yesterday was a total gut punch, but we know going in that there are going to be days like that in this biz.  The White Sox were simply horrid...


Razor's Edge

8/6/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The kid made one mistake in Minnesota last night, and it cost him.  You hang one too many curve balls to a big guy, and they turn into big fli...


Young And Rich

8/5/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The danger was great when making the move on GRich and the Halos last night.  The Tigers game was still up in the air, and I knew if Detroit w...



8/4/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Everyone who follows the game is well aware of the "shutdown inning".  That's when a team scores on offense, and when they go ou...


Dale Earnhardt Jr wins at Pocono to become third driver with three wins

8/4/14 in NASCAR   |   Debi_L   |   11847 respect

Have you ever? No, I have never! If it were Larry McReynolds and Darrell Waltrip doing the commentary today, that is exactly what you would have...