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Waiting For The Man

Yesterday in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

A bit of a crazy day yesterday.  I was all ready to jump on either the Tigers or the Padres in a late afternoon tilt, but couldn't get to ...


Pretty Noose

9/1/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

My favorite player for the next few hours is Chris Heisey.  The guy has never been, nor will he probably ever be, anything special, but he dro...


What Is Wrong With This Team?

8/31/14 in NFL   |   JenX63   |   32670 respect

What is wrong with this team? If  being put on  a "waivers" list, means you were cut, why not just say "cut". Why all...


There's "SMOKE" in "Hot-lanta"

8/31/14 in NASCAR   |   Debi_L   |   11853 respect

With only two races left until the Chase for the Sprint Cup trophy begins, there are only a few spot left for the Chase, and yesterday NASCAR annou...


Southern Cross

8/31/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

Well, that all went south in a big way!  Maybe the worst part of the day was that all my games were early, so after "wearing it" wit...


Bad Moon Rising

8/30/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

There's a difference between a bad beat and a big beatdown.  The first is what we call a game we probably should have won.  The latte...


Kids In America

8/29/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

The Cubs were an unfortunate selection yesterday.  The kids just didn't have any spark.  I guess they figured they really didn't ...


Turn The Page

8/28/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

Last night's loss with the Nats certainly isn't anything to jump off a high building over, but it did point out the weakness of that club.&...


Rockin' Pneumonia

8/27/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

Last night's overall numbers weren't great, but I got mine.  That's all that matters.  It was a pretty easy win too, and that...


Play The Game

8/26/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

An easy night just sitting back with my feet up.  There's a full schedule tonight though, and it looks like it's time to get back to w...


No Show

8/25/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

It's really very simple.  If you don't hit, you don't win.  That's what happened to the Orioles yesterday.  Miguel G...


The Girl In The Moon

8/24/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

The Big Man is looking down with favor lately.  The stars are all aligned properly.  It's white knuckle time whenever that Tigers bul...


I Tried To Believe

8/23/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

Yovanni Gallardo just didn't have it last night.  That's one of the things we always have to be concerned with in any game, and that&#...


Eyes Wide Open

8/22/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

I often refer to an early game in the midweek or on Saturday as "sneaking in to steal one", but the reality of the situation from yesterd...


Mad Season

8/21/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

If it's possible, the weird got a lot more weird yesterday.  MLB announced it was upholding a protest by the Giants stemming from Tuesday ...


Raintown Boys

8/20/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   44 respect

Wild, weird, whacky stuff in Chi-Town last night.  The Giants and Cubs were surprised by one of those microburst storms that dumped so much ra...