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Rockin' Pneumonia

Today in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Last night's overall numbers weren't great, but I got mine.  That's all that matters.  It was a pretty easy win too, and that...


Play The Game

Yesterday in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

An easy night just sitting back with my feet up.  There's a full schedule tonight though, and it looks like it's time to get back to w...


No Show

8/25/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

It's really very simple.  If you don't hit, you don't win.  That's what happened to the Orioles yesterday.  Miguel G...


The Girl In The Moon

8/24/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The Big Man is looking down with favor lately.  The stars are all aligned properly.  It's white knuckle time whenever that Tigers bul...


I Tried To Believe

8/23/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Yovanni Gallardo just didn't have it last night.  That's one of the things we always have to be concerned with in any game, and that&#...


Eyes Wide Open

8/22/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

I often refer to an early game in the midweek or on Saturday as "sneaking in to steal one", but the reality of the situation from yesterd...


Mad Season

8/21/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

If it's possible, the weird got a lot more weird yesterday.  MLB announced it was upholding a protest by the Giants stemming from Tuesday ...


Raintown Boys

8/20/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Wild, weird, whacky stuff in Chi-Town last night.  The Giants and Cubs were surprised by one of those microburst storms that dumped so much ra...


King Of The Nighttime World

8/19/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

A little bit later than normal today because I could.  No late games from the west coast last night gave me plenty of time to get most of my r...


Blue Jays Prospect Tearing It Up In The Triple-A

8/18/14 in MLB   |   ellenpiehl   |   13 respect

While the Toronto Blue Jays struggle with their pitching woes, there is a bright spot in all of this.  His name is Daniel Norris and the 21 ye...



8/18/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The game has a way of being a very humbling experience sometimes.  Nothing went as planned, or as it should have yesterday for me.  It se...


Ride The Wind

8/17/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

The Force is strong in this one.  I'm not omniscient, but the instincts are running at a very high level right now.  There's no o...



8/16/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Some tense moments late in the game in Arlington last night, but Skipper Mike Scioscia was able to pull the right strings with his pen and hang on ...



8/15/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

It's all falling into place right now.  I'm getting my wins.  The Royals are red hot and acting like they don't want to give ...


Scratched Out

8/14/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

Things didn't line up right in that 1st game in Cleveland yesterday afternoon.  The pitching matchup didn't go as it was listed in the...


Cool The Engines

8/13/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

A bit of a cool down last night with the Cardinals.  I've still hit on 8 of my last 11 plays, so there's no reason to panic at all.&nb...


Ride Captain Ride

8/12/14 in MLB   |   pigskinfan   |   43 respect

It was like pulling teeth with the Twins last night.  But in the end, it was like an old western movie.  The hero rides in on his white s...