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Why We Shouldn't Discount Florida in 2014

7/9/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Almost all of us would agree that the Florida Gators were not the Florida Gators in 2013. At least not the Gators that we've come to expect ove...


This Year's Hot Seat Rankings Feature Some Household Names

7/7/14 in NCAAF   |   Tyler_Waddell   |   426 respect

The 2013 college football season was a fun and wild ride – for most. Eleven different coaches were handed the dreaded pink slip throughout th...


The Best Future Non-Conference Games in the SEC

7/5/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

The days of scheduling directional schools are almost over in the SEC. Commissioner Mike Slive has mandated that all of the schools in the confe...


Ranking the Top 5 SEC Non-Conference Games for 2014

7/5/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Everyone knows how daunting the SEC schedule can be for even the best of teams in the nation's strongest conference. However, some teams add...


Who Has the Toughest Schedule in the SEC East?

7/5/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Not all schedules are made the same. For some SEC schools, the schedule will be more than manageable. But for others, running the table with such a...


Players From Florida and Georgia Crowding Top of 2015 Recruiting Rankings

6/20/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

The states of Florida and Georgia have continually produced some of the top talent each year in the world of college football. And if the 2015 r...


Having Chris Leak Back in the Swamp is a Good Thing for Florida

6/18/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

After the kind of season that the Florida Gators had in 2013, Will Muschamp is trying to change the culture by putting new people in charge of key ...


Sporting News' Preseason Top 25 Features Eight SEC Teams

5/2/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Preseason polls mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Especially the polls that are comprised almost four months before the season...


Game Predictions for Every Major FBS Team

6/18/14 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Over the next few weeks, our college football writers will be posting game-by-game predictions for all the major college football teams for th...


Game-By-Game Predictions for Florida's 2014 Season

5/24/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

It would be an understatement to say that the 2013 season didn't go as planned for Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators. After entering the ...


Will the SEC East Catch Up to the SEC West in 2014?

5/16/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

It wasn't always this way in the SEC. The SEC West, arguably the toughest division in all of college football, hasn't always been the su...


Power Ranking Nick Marshall and the SEC Quarterbacks

5/7/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

The lineup at quarterback in the SEC in 2013 was rather special. Names like AJ McCarron, Johnny Manziel, and Aaron Murray ruled the offensive lands...


Georgia Leads Early SEC East Division Rankings

4/28/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Although the start of the 2014 college football season doesn't kick off until late August, it's never too early to make predictions as to h...


SEC Landscape Changing After Loss of 7 Starting Quarterbacks

4/22/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

2013 was the year of the quarterback in the SEC. Because of that, a league that is typically heralded for its strong defenses turned into a league ...


Burning Questions for Florida's Spring Game

4/11/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

No one was happier to see the calendar change from 2013 to 2014 than Will Muschamp. Muschamp and the Florida Gators didn't exactly have a me...


Florida Football: Week 1 Spring Practice Stock Report

3/21/14 in NCAAF   |     |   0 respect


Florida Gators Seeking Drastic Turnaround

3/15/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

If the Florida Gators are worse in 2014 than they were in 2013, the only job Will Muschamp may be considered for is defensive coordinator on the si...


Alabama Enters a New Era on Offense Under Lane Kiffin

3/13/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Spring football practice has already or is about to begin for most SEC teams, and there's plenty of intrigue heading into offseason filled with...


Why the SEC Will Get Back to Its Defensive Roots This Season

3/6/14 in NCAAF   |   BlakeLovell   |   86 respect

Offense was the theme of the 2013 college football season, and it was so impressive that the theme even infiltrated what is normally the top defens...


Listing the Top Games of the 2014 Season

3/5/14 in NCAAF   |   Tyler_Waddell   |   426 respect

Even though we’re still getting shellacked by snowstorms over here on the East Coast, it’s finally March—and the groundhog will s...