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UNC Basketball: Most Important Games on Tar Heels' 2014-15 Schedule

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March Madness continues, as we welcome the ladies to the party! [Live Sports Thread]

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Okay, so the ladies joined yesterday, but we were MIA. Happy Sunday, sports fans! Wow, do we have a full day of entertainment lined up for us to...


Day 2 of March Madness headlines a Friday full of sports [Live Thread]

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Greetings, sports fans! How many brackets are already busted out there? Any perfect ones left? I bet today will fix that... Not only do we have ...


NCAA Tournament: Predicting the East Region

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We continue our dissection of the 2014 NCAA tournament bracket by taking a look at the East Region, which is highlighted by the Virginia Cavaliers ...


UNC Basketball: One Pressing Concern for Each Tar Heels Starter

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North Carolina drops to 0-2 in ACC after awful home loss; Syracuse up next

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The North Carolina Tar Heels dropped to 0-2 in the ACC following a putrid performance at home against Miami, 63-57. All season long the Tar He...


Weekend Review: Wrapping up UNC-Kentucky and Michigan-Arizona

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Each week, I will look back at some of the weekend's top games and how some of the key players affected the game, good and bad. Arizona at...


North Carolina manhandles No.1 Michigan State in East Lansing

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The North Carolina Tar Heels went into East Lansing Wednesday night and took No. 1 ranked Michigan State to the woodshed--manhandling the Spartan...


Hoops headline Wednesday night sports [Live Sports Thread]

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Greetings, sports fans! Between the Thanksgiving weekend and then my absence due to the MNF game in Seattle, it seems like it's been awhile sin...


Thanks to the KKK, North Carolina missed the chance for the greatest college team of all time

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Patrick Ewing was recently hired as the associate head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets), and he went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning t...


Patrick Ewing almost went to North Carolina, but there was a KKK rally at his hotel

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North Carolina Basketball: How Tar Heels Match Up with Every ACC Team Right Now

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Where Will Andrew Wiggins Play?

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It’s like the NCAA’s version of The Decision.  Andrew Wiggins, Canadian star of West Virginia’s Huntington Prep High School,...


UNC Basketball: The Highs and Lows of Tar Heels' 2012-13 Season

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Determining the final eight of the Sweet Sixteen! [March Madness Open Thread]

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Happy Sunday, and welcome back to March Madness on FanIQ! Today we find out the final 8 teams going to the Sweet Sixteen, and we have a few opportu...


Day Two: Let the Madness Continue! [Friday NCAA Open Thread]

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A couple of upsets yesterday, huh? What an exciting day of basketball. My Zags gave me a tiny heart attack, but I've recovered, thanks. I'm...


March Mayhem on FanIQ gives you three contests for three chances to win!

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It's finally here - March Madness on FanIQ! The committee has announced the seeding and regions; Louisville takes first seed in th...


UNC Basketball: North Carolina Must Crash Glass to Defeat Duke

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Hurricanes blowout UNC and improve to 10-0 in ACC

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The Miami Hurricanes are now 10-0 in the ACC after manhandling the North Carolina Tar Heels Saturday afternoon 87-61. The Tar Heels had come in win...


UNC Basketball: Why Tar Heels Will Be Dangerous Come Tournament Time

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