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Top NHL Plays of 2008-09

8/6/09 in NHL   |   Go_Leafs_Go   |   0 respect

It took me a while to put this together, and its missing the last 2 weeks or so of hockey action. Hope you support it on youtube :D


Tony Twist vs Rob Ray

6/14/09 in NHL   |   woody050681   |   13691 respect

Twist breaks Rays orbital bone with a devastating punch!


Colton Orr Rocks Andrew Peters' World

3/11/08 in NHL   |   Gazzo   |   18 respect

Colton Orr beats Andrew Peters like a red headed step-child. Something tells me that these two don't like each other. Then Peters feels the need to...


Andrew Peters golfing taunt

1/12/08 in NHL   |   $Big BANK Bob$   |   25 respect

his way off saying, you guys will be golfing after today. always keepin it classy eh?


McGrattan vs Peters Jan 4, 2008

1/6/08 in NHL   |   MN-FAN   |   respect

Brian McGrattan vs Andrew Peters from the Senators at Sabres game on Jan 4, 2008.


AMP Energy NHL Commercial: Ryan Miller defeats J.S. Aubin in 'Yo Mamma!' bout

1/2/08 in NHL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

"Yo mamma so ugly, they renamed Halloween yomammaween."


NHL Winter Classic overtime and shootout highlights

1/2/08 in NHL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect


Maple Leafs @ Sabres 10/15/07

10/20/07 in NHL   |   rootman54   |   respect

Great game, back and forth action in the third period. Buffalo overcomes 2-0 deficit as both teams participate in an offensive explosion in the th...


Probert protects the Captain

10/6/07 in NHL   |   dfett415   |   respect

You mess with Yzerman = Bob Probert punches you. Simple math. Probert to Barrasso: "Naw, dude. I'm Bob Probert. You got the wrong guy. Now g...


Buffalo Sabres Game 5 comeback

5/5/07 in NHL   |   Amazin698607   |   respect

Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers, NHL


I bet the Sabres fans weren't complaining when this happened.

5/3/07 in NHL   |   bSrOiAaDn   |   respect

Sabres fans are complaining about the no-goal against the Rangers, but I bet they weren't complaining when this was considered a no-goal. This was ...


Was it a goal?

5/2/07 in NHL   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

The controversal Game 4 non goal call. Had it counted, the game would have likely gone OT, and Buffalo may have ended up winning it. Was it in ...


Sabres@Rangers 4/29/07 Game 3

4/30/07 in NHL   |   LetsGoRangers   |   respect

Buffalo Sabres @ New York Rangers 4/29/07 Game 3


The Briere / Ovechkin incident

4/25/07 in NHL   |   HULL_17   |   2495 respect



Ryan Miller's great save

4/22/07 in NHL   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

A great save at the end of game 5 between Buffalo and the Islanders. This save helped clinch the series.


Brian Campbell hit on R.J. Umberger

2/25/07 in NHL   |   Adam   |   0 respect

One of the biggest hits in NHL history, the 2005-06 playoffs, Flyers @ Sabers. This mixture includes four different announcings of the hit.


Sabres/Senators Brawl 2/22/07

2/24/07 in NHL   |   Nick   |   respect

I\\\'ve never seen so many players fight in a game! Even the goalies got involved!