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Panthers' Bjugstad Sets Dubious Record by Leading Team with 38 Points

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Luongo is feeling at home in Florida

3/26/14 in NHL   |   patrickhoffman3530   |   109 respect

Things certainly have not been easy over the last few years for Florida Panthers' goaltender Roberto Luongo. In the 2010-11 season, Luongo...


Hockey headlines a chill night of sports [Live Sports Thread]

3/25/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! Again, not a whole lot going on today besides the usual as we wait for the NCAA tournament to return for the next round. Ho...


Why the Florida Panthers Reacquiring Roberto Luongo Was the Wrong Move

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Panthers rebuilding themselves, Roberto Luongo their testament

3/11/14 in NHL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

When the time came for the Heritage Classic to be played, Roberto Luongo came to know that he was not going to start the game and was clearly not h...


Luongo moves to opposite corner of the continent in trade

3/4/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11287 respect

The goalie who took Canada to a gold medal in 2010 , controlled the pipes for the Canucks for four years, and lost his starting position to Cory Sc...


A look at regrettable trade deadline deals

3/5/14 in NHL   |   patrickhoffman3530   |   109 respect

Today marks what feels like Christmas in both the NHL and for hockey fans all across North America. That’s right, folks. Today is trade de...


New faces, new teams, exciting games as the trade deadline looms [Live Sports Thread]

3/4/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! So the NHL trade deadline is straight ahead tomorrow at 3:00pm, plenty of teams are making waves. My own Ducks just sent Du...


Florida Panthers Shawn Matthias showing promising talent in absence of key players

3/4/14 in NHL   |   Mia781   |   953 respect

Florida Panthers forward Shawn Matthias is a player that will not let an opportunity go to waste and as some of the players got injured, he stepped...


Wow! What a day of sports! And the Oscars as well

3/2/14 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11287 respect

The NHL has continued with the tradition of outdoor games and has, in fact, expanded on it.  Up here in Canada, while winter still is the norm...


Hockey headlines a full day of sports enjoyment [Live Sports Thread]

2/27/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! Well hockey's back in full swing now, as you can tell by the full plate of games we have today! We also have some NBA, ...


It's hockey time! And then some [Live Sports Thread]

2/6/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! Now that football is over for seven months and the Olympics haven't officially started, we turn our attention to some w...


You make the call: Should Tim Thomas be suspended for his slash on Carl Soderburg?

1/29/14 in NHL   |   Pat   |   5138 respect

Former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas had a REALLY rough game last night, giving up 6 goals against his former team. Understandably, he was a bit ...


Panthers Tim Thomas talks about striking Bruins Carl Soderberg

1/29/14 in NHL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

It was speculated that such an incident would happen in which ex Boston Bruins Tim Thomas would lose it. And it did happen. With just 3.2 seconds l...


Today's full plate offers something for every sports appetite [Live Sports Thread]

1/28/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! While the NFL has Media Day, there's also plenty going on around the rest of the sports world! With eleven NHL games on...


No yawners here! Some hockey and hoops for your Tuesday night?

1/21/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! We've had quite the exciting few days in sports, no? Congrats to the Broncos and Seahawks on their Conference Champions...


Huge hockey night for your Thursday [Live Sports Thread]

1/16/14 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! Wow, those Anaheim Ducks this year, right? I'm afraid they might be peaking too early but it's a fun ride in the me...


Twas the Night Before Christmas and Almost Every Team Will Play! [NHL Live Thread]

12/23/13 in NHL   |   kramer   |   11003 respect

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the league, Many teams are scheduled for an all out blitzkrieg. The stockings are hung in the lo...


Hockey and hoops headline our Friday sports lineup [Live Sports Thread]

12/20/13 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! Happy Friday-before-Christmas! There is a LOT of college basketball going on today, as well as some NBA and NHL, a little s...


A full night of hockey and hoops for your Tuesday! [Live Sports Thread]

12/17/13 in NHL   |   Jess   |   32868 respect

Greetings, sports fans! With Tuesday not being one of our big NFL days, you'd think we'd be left with minimal entertainment in the sports w...