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Kendrick Perkins Flagrant Foul Body Slam On Jason Maxiell

Kendrick Perkins throws down Jason Maxiell by the neck and gets ejected in last night's game between the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons

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Submitted 1/31/09
by: Pat

Sport: NBA
Teams:  Humor | Detroit Pistons
Players:  Jason Maxiell | Kendrick Perkins
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#1 | 2059 days ago
cinnalocks (+)

Really what is up with the Celtics and all the flagrant fouls.You cannot be but so tough in the game of basketball and continue to participate. Unlike Hockey. The Celtics are no tougher than any other team in the league at this point so what are they trying to prove? They are not the bad boys (Detroit Pistons of the 80's) and today's game does not allow for those kinds of things to occur. It will not help them win a Championship if Perkins is on the bench, in the locker room or prohibited from entering the arena, due to ejection or suspension, which is perfectly fine with me since I am a
#2 | 2059 days ago

Stupid, boneheaded foul.

Get them out of your system so this doesn't happen in the playoffs, please.
#3 | 2059 days ago

Maxiell didnt take too kindly to it either. I wouldnt want to tangle with him. There should be a suspension off of that.
#4 | 2059 days ago

when asked about his foul, perkins tol the media that he only went after a hard foul but unintentionally caught maxiell by the neck. if what he's said is true, he should've at least tried not to let maxiell slam to the floor. the way i saw it, he slammed maxiell to the floor, since perkins turned his back on maxiell as soon as he fell to the floor...
#5 | 2059 days ago

Maxiell shouldnt be a stranger to this kind of stuff.  He comes from the Bob Huggins era at Cincy.
#6 | 2059 days ago

Perckins just wanted his name in the news since he doesnt do much else.

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