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Favorite Players:
(current and past)
@1. Bobby Labonete- always my favorite #2. Jimmy Johnson #3. Mark Martin
Why I am a fan:
Bobb..because Hubby wanted me to watch race & I ask how I could tell the drivers apart. He said to pick a car I could follow and learn as much as a could about the driver. He was drivig #18 at the time! Jimmy and Martin.... Because they are verrrry goood driers!
Favorite Moments:
When Bobby won the Nascar race that made both he and Terry be the first to win all three car type racs
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I am a Christian and love getting out to Church. I'M married with one daughter, three step-daughters whom I raised, one-step son whom I raised, one grandaughter, one step-grandaughter, one step gr grandson and one dog..My Sophi Girl. My husband is the VERY BEST EVER. I claim ALL my kids but my Sophi is special. My husband and I will be married 31 yeats in Jan 2010. I'm retired and spend most of my time now on my computer or hand stitching quilts. Love to read usually Dan Brown. on't get around as much as I did so ... remember the old saying ... AGE COMES BEFORE BEAUTY...and that's me! But I'm happy.
Schools: Normantown HS ``` WV Gilmer Co HS``````WV Glenville State College ```` WV
Relationship Status: Long Term Contract (Married)
Kids: All grown except the great grands and Sophi Girl is my Baby.
Occupation: RETIRED AND HATING IT! I miss helping the kids...
Places I lived: WV, FL..Was in FL during Hurricane Andrew... THAT SENT ME HOME!
Greatest Moment in Sports:Mary Lou Retten from my hometown
Most Fanatical Moment:Started taking care of my brother while Mama took my older brother with her down off the hill to get a bucket of water. I was maybe four. Older brother 11 months younger. Bro Rick was still a baby. Mama tied him a baby chair so he wouldn't fall out anad tied the chair on the floor to the old fashioned iron bedstead so the chir wouldn't fall over while shews gone. I had to sit in front of him until she returned... Gosh, how I'd love to have that bed now... It would be worth a fortune!!!
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:I was very pregnant with my daughter and Daddy wanted me to go to a dragsters race with him. I had NO IDEA what I was in for. That child just about kicked me to death@!!!!
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:quilting, reading. music
Music:Gospel, Bluegrass, some Country.... basically a little of everything ALMOST. Can't stand the "language" in lots of todays "music"...
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