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LIVE VIDEO: Ohio police on red alert over LeBron James' impending decision
You think you're on pins and needles over LeBron James' impending free agency decision? In the northeast Ohio market of the Cleveland Cavaliers, police have added extra patrols and are staking out regions near James' Bath township mansion...
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The myriad ways UCLA can use new double-threat commit Stephen Johnson III
2014 is shaping up to be a heck of a season year for UCLA Bruins football, but suddenly so is 2015. UCLA nabbed a commitment from San Leandro's Stephen Johnson III this week. a dual-threat player being groomed for wide receiver and defensive back....
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Carmelo Anthony will return to the Knicks, reports NY Daily News
Carmelo Anthony will announce his return to the New York Knicks on Thursday, reports the New York Daily News. No he will not, reports ESPN. We have a good old-fashioned journalistic dispute here, as the Daily News continues to insist that Anthony has...
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Cavs finally take down comic sans rant against Lebron, need tech support to do so
Who could forget the fabulous, unhinged comic sans rant that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilber posted on the Internet within hours of LeBron James? Who could forget Gilbert's all-caps, out-to-lunch declarations that "I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE...
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Raiderettes to become first NFL cheerleaders to be paid minimum wage
The great NFL cheerleading legal wars of 2014 have scored their first quiet victory. The Oakland Raiders cheerleaders, whom anyone with silver make-up, spiky shoulder pads or a Darth Vader costume can tell you are officially called The Raiderettes,...
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Now Johnny Manziel has gone too far: Tweets selfie with Justin Bieber
Cleveland Browns fans can live Johnny Manziel spraying champagne at a Las Vegas nightclub. They can also live with Johnny Football pounding booze while riding an inflatable swan, pretending to use stacks of money as a telephone and holding court with...
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Report: LeBron James will demand max money on his next contract
As NBA free agency 2014 kicks in, some news out of the LeBron James camp promises to affect nearly every free agent move this offseason. According to the most connected and knowledgeable source on all things LeBron, ESPN's Brian Windhorst, King...
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USC Offensive Line Issues Can Block Trojans' Pac-12 Revival in 2014
The probation years are technically over, but recruiting and depth scars still remain for the USC Trojans. USC is now officially off probation, effective this past June 10. The Trojans are back with a full set of 25 scholarships to offer. Next...
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Timmy smokes again! Lincecum hurls no-hitter against the Padres
Another day, another no-no. We have our third no-hitter of the 2014 MLB season, with San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum throwing a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres in Wednesday's 4-0 Giants win. Lincecum was in the midst of a...
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Gamblers worldwide won money when Luis Suarez bit the Italian player
The bite heard 'round the Internet is still being digested by the soccer-following world at large, but a few gamblers worldwide are glad they bit on an obscure prop bet. When Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez sank his teeth into Italian defender...
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Marcus Mariota Has His Ducks in a Row to Win the 2014 Heisman Trophy
It's not just Oregon football fans; oddsmakers and prognosticators are all projecting Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota as a top tier 2014 Heisman Trophy candidate. As we sit with the 2014 season still a couple months away, the sportsbook...
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There are 95 scenarios in which the US soccer team can lose to Germany and still advance in the World Cup
You've surely been made aware the US men's soccer team can advance to the round of 16 with a win over Germany on Thursday. You are probably also aware that the US team can advance with a tie against Germany. But there are also numerous...
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A 'Who's Who' of who's holding out from mandatory NFL minicamps
This week marks mandatory minicamp for 24 of 32 NFL teams, the final offseason organized team activity before NFL training camps open in July. As with each season's minicamp, a handful of NFL players did not show up for these mandatory sessions as...
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How 'Nation's Top Corner' Recruit Iman Marshall Would Fit in USC's Secondary
Long Beach Poly High School senior Iman Marshall has been called "the nation's top cornerback" for the recruiting class of 2015, so it's only natural that USC Trojans fans would hope to see that young man commit to Southern Cal....
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Heat's Ray Allen mulling retirement after Finals loss
We already know Shane Battier is retiring, and Miami Heat guard Ray Allen is considering calling it a career as well. He says he'll give it a few days' thought, but Allen's postgame comments to ESPN sure sound like he's leaning toward...
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Game-By-Game Predictions for West Virginia's 2014 Season
No one does a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" act quite like the West Virginia Mountaineers' football team. This is a team that started the 2012 season 5-0, only to lost its next five in a row. This is a team that last season knocked off No....
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Game-By-Game Predictions for West Virginia's 2014 Season
No one does a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" act quite like the West Virginia Mountaineers' football team. This is a team that started the 2012 season 5-0, only to lost its next five in a row. This is a team that last season knocked off No....
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Colin Kaepernick cleared of wrongdoing in alleged 'suspicious incident' in Miami
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick got his wish with a big 6-year, $126 million contract in the beginning of June, but today he gets an even more critical wish granted. The Miami-Dade State Attorney has cleared Kaepernick of any...
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How to watch the 'Madden NFL 15' reveal live online from E3
Wednesday night will be the gameplay premiere of "Madden NFL 15", live from the E3 Expo video game conference taking place this week in Los Angeles, CA. The game still won't be available for another two and a half months, but the gaming...
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Game-By-Game Predictions for UCLA's 2014 Season
Jim Mora, Sr. delivered the infamous "Playoffs?" rant, but it might be Jim Mora, Jr. who delivers the UCLA Bruins into the real playoffs. The inaugural College Football Playoff kicks off January 1, 2015, and oddsmakers are giving Mora and...
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Game-By-Game Predictions for Duke's 2014 Season
It's kind of a well-kept secret, but the Duke Blue Devils are good at football. The team that had five zero- or one-win seasons during the 2000s has quietly evolved into an ACC powerhouse. The New York Times even wrote a story last November...
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Watch: The anti-'Redskins' commercial that will play during the NBA Finals
If the NFL won't listen, then try the NBA. That's the strategy of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, a native American tribe who have purchased a 60-second advertisement that will air during Tuesday night's Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The ad is a...
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It's o-Fish-al: Derek Fisher to be hired as coach of New York Knicks
Phil Jackson didn't get his first choice for the new head coach of the New York Knicks, but he's reeled in his second choice. Yahoo Sports broke the news Monday that Derek Fisher has agreed to terms to coach the New York Knicks and his hiring...
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US Soccer coach Juergen Klinnsman: "We cannot win this World Cup"
Wow, thanks coach! New US Men's soccer coach Juergen Klinnsman, the guy we hired guide the Americans to their first-ever World Cup Trophy, says there's no way the Americans will win their first-ever World Cup Trophy. In a New York Times...
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Game-By-Game Predictions for USC's 2014 Season
The USC Trojans' football program is back. No one saw it coming that coach Ed Orgeron would go 6-2 in interim duty between October and November 2013, even upsetting then-No. 5 Stanford. With prize new hire Steve Sarkisian as head coach, no more...
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