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A die hard Panthers fan. I love to see them do good and I'm always behind... full bio »

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Khatulu commented on Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like Stacy Keibler Wrestling Another Woman In Gravy
A jug of moonshine and some good ol' gravy wrastlin'... OK maybe that's just my idea of a great thanksgiving... or Christmas... or new years eve... or Easter... you get the picture :D
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Has anyone else noticed that when the Panthers play a home game it is the same as an away game?
You would really need to be from Charlotte to get the full grasp of the question I'm asking and have seen the flood of people moving here from out of state to really understand, but still... Before the Panthers, people had to pull for other teams....
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Khatulu commented on Takes on NHRA
mmm it posted twice...ish
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Khatulu SHOULD NOT BE LISTED UNDER OTHER RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about NHRA

12/29/12 | Comment | Respect

Khatulu SHOULD NOT BE LISTED UNDER "OTHER RACING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about NHRA

12/29/12 | Comment | Respect


Do you think the NHRA should be specificly listed among sports (favorite or other) on this site?
I have looked through the lists and menus on this site and noticed of the auto racing sports listed do not include the NHRA. A sport with such a huge following should be specified on sport lists and as an option for favorites. What do you think?
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Khatulu commented on North Carolina State Wolfpack-vs-Vanderbilt Commodores 12/31/2012
NC State all the way!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
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Khatulu commented on Carolina Panthers-vs-New Orleans Saints 12/30/2012
Personally I believe the Panthers will take this one. It will be a close game and it will be a good game. Both teams are out of the playoffs and it really isn't a rivalry game (Tampa Bay would be) so it will only come down to W-L stats and pride. Win... (see more)
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