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NittanyJon commented on Ron Jaworski made a rather, uh, bold statement about Colin Kaepernick
Couln't agree more, Jess. I never watch an ESPN channel unless a game is on.  
8/22/13 | Reply | Respect | Read post


NittanyJon commented on Starting in 2014, MLB managers might have replay flags similar to NFL coaches. Is this a terrible idea?
Does Bud want 4 hour games that end near midnight? MLB needs to reach detente with the umpires and/or their union. Most of them are on a power-trip or wound ultra-tight. Fans don't go to the game to watch them. All we want is consistency and lack... (see more)
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NittanyJon commented on Adrian Peterson's reaction to PED allegations is a bit different from most athletes
I agree. I've heard him interviewed on more than one occasion. From afar, he does not seem like a primmadonna or a bad guy.
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NittanyJon commented on Red Sox sign Dustin Pedroia to $100 million extension
Knock on wood, Pedroia does not have serious injuries, i.e. Ryan Howard. A good dirt-dog. 
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NittanyJon commented on Poll Photo - All-Time Greatest T.V. Show (1976)
As I get older, I find Joyce DeWitt very hot. Not as much back in the day because she was around Suzanne Somers.
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NittanyJon commented on Bruins pull off miraculous Game 7 victory to keep playoff run alive
Patrice "Big-Time" strikes again !!!!! Go Bruu.......nnnn....ssss !!!!!
5/17/13 | Reply | Respect | Read post


NittanyJon commented on Penn State gets needed depth at FS with Marcus Allen
At first glance, I thought this was HOF'er Marcus Allen's offspring. Looking at his bio, he's impressive nonetheless. 
5/17/13 | Reply | Respect | Read post


NittanyJon commented on Melky Cabrera receives World Series ring, but does he deserve it?
Sort of like there has to be a player from each team in the All Star game. Cabrera does not deserve the honor. His name should be in the baseball almanacs - databases as being a member of the winnning team. But that should be it. 
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