Rheda's Jeff Burton Scrapbook (NASCAR)
#236 Fan Jeff Burton
7 Takes
I think the new team pages sucked al my Jeff Burton points out the window!

>7 days
What\'s not to love about Jeff Burton?
>7 days
He's Mr. Consistency and such a nice fella!
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)

Bobby Allison, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Harry Gant, Jeff Burton
Why I am a fan:
I love NASCAR!!!
Favorite Moments:

Too Many To Count!!!
Rheda's Michigan St. Spartans Scrapbook (NCAABB)
#35 Fan Michigan St. Spartans
23 Takes
I love my Spartans!!!

>7 days
See you all at the GAME! What game you ask?...
>7 days
Michigan State fans are ROCKIN\' this town!...
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)

Earvin "Magic" Johnson
Why I am a fan:
I love MSU! And I paid plenty of $$$ to earn that love!!!
Favorite Moments:

1979 NCAAB Championship
Rheda's Chicago Bears Scrapbook (NFL)
#253 Fan Chicago Bears
3 Takes
DA Bears!!!

>7 days
DA Bears!!! That always cracks me up!
>7 days
I love Soldier Field...so many great memories...
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Walter Payton, Gale Sayers
Why I am a fan:
Grew up in Chicago and it's what we do...
Favorite Moments:
Got to watch lots as I grew up in Chicago and attended many games at Soldier Field
Rheda's Detroit Red Wings Scrapbook (NHL)
#242 Fan Detroit Red Wings
1 Take
Best sports name for a hockey team EVER!

>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Will tell you later
Why I am a fan:
Uh, MICHIGAN Pro Hockey Team...I love my Michigan (The State of Michigan)
Favorite Moments:
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Rheda's Lewis Hamilton Scrapbook (Formula One)
4 Takes
I wish him all the best

>7 days
Great phenom...hope his success doesn't go to...
>7 days
What a talent...hope he does well for years to...
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)

Lewis Hamilton
Why I am a fan:
It's racin' ain't it?
Favorite Moments:
Again with the memory...??? So many, I can't possibly list them all!!!

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Rheda's Chicago Bulls Scrapbook (NBA)
1 Take
Lived It!!!

>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Michael Jordan
Why I am a fan:
Favorite Moments:
Going to games with the kids club...sitting in the nose bleed seats but getting the free tickets and food.
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Rheda's Michigan St. Spartans Scrapbook (NCAAF)
#33 Fan Michigan St. Spartans
3 Takes

>7 days
>7 days
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Michigan State Spartans
Why I am a fan:
Alma Mater and yes it matters!!!
Favorite Moments:
Every minute of EVERY home game!
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My Photos (1)
Rheda's Bio
I think there should be a prize for...
>7 days

Is it Monday? Feels like Monday.
>7 days
Go Cambridge HS Trojans!!! Beat...
>7 days
608 Takes
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About Me
100% Complete Bio
I am a firm believer that every single person is special, none more than another. We all have many wonderful things about ourselves that cannot possibly be covered in short profile. We are creatures wonderfully and magnificently made.

I used to think that winning was the most important thing but I have since changed my thinking. If I can be a light and encouragement to others, I have accomplished the mission that has been mandated to me.

That being said, here is a summary of who I am:

I am married to a wonderful guy who shares my passion for God, life and NASCAR. The last 8 months has truly been a character building time. We are preparing for another transition right now. We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow.

We pray for our Military men and women everyday.

We ride Harleys, have 2 “fru-fru” dogs (not a Lab, the Cadillac of dogs) and Billy drives a Pickup. I’m a city girl married to a “simple, country boy from Okie…” Yes people, those are the husbands words, not mine.

Born and raised in Chicago. Moved to Michigan in 1975. My 5 kids raised me, then they had kids. Married this guy in 1999. He has 4 kids. We have 24 grand-kids and 3 great grand-kids.

And lastly, I hope I am always able to be amazed at the greatness of people’s actions. At the same time, I wish people would stop attempting to astound me with the stupid things they say and do.

My Mission Statement: Honor the integrity of my calling. Follow God’s plan and purpose for my life. Resign the position of playing God. Continue on this journey of being a recovering “Know It All”. Pray for those who don’t know they need it and be a blessing to everyone who crosses my path.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 137
Bats: R
Throws: R
Schools: Lindblom Technical H.S., Michigan State University, Iowa Wesleyan College, Rhema Bible College

Relationship Status: Long Term Contract (Married)
Kids: 5 of mine, 4 of his ~ Thankfully they are all adults that have not yet moved back home!


Insurance Agent

Independent Consulting
Places I lived:

Chicago, IL - Lansing, MI - East Lansing, MI - Tulsa, OK - Yukon, OK
Greatest Moment in Sports:Dale Sr. winning the Daytona 500 !!!
Greatest Event in Sports:The Olympics
Greatest Athlete of All Time:Jm Thorpe
Greatest Coach of All Time:Phil Jackson
Most Fanatical Moment:Skipped going to Sturgis so I could go to the 2005 Brickyard 400
My Sports Superstitions:Wearing my teams colors on game day
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:Rained out MIS race in 2006 when KASEY KAHNE was awarded the victory. NASCAR called the race too quickly as the weather cleared within 5 minutes of the decision.
Fantasy Sports I Play:NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NASCAR
Fantasy Skill Level:Novice
Sports I Play:Billiards/Pool, Bowling, Softball, Swimming, Volleyball
Nickname:Raven or Skippy
Current Skill Level:Former H.S., College and Intramural Volleyball player
Highest Organized Level:College volleyball and bowling
Athletes I've Played With/Against:Most are NCAA student athletes that went on to do something other than play sports.
Sports Trophies/Awards:Lately just some bowling awards
Career Highlights:Winning!
Career Lowlights:Losing! :(
Sports Injuries:Broken ankle, sprained wrist
Games I Usually Attend:NASCAR RACES...MIS, Indy, Charlotte, Texas
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:NASCAR at MIS, Brickyard, Charlotte, TMS, Kansas
Sports People I've Met:Ned Jarrett, Benny Parsons, Kenny Wallace, Magic Johnson, Bobby Allison, Bill Lester, Mike Helton, Rex White, David Pearson, Junior Johnson, Kasey Kahne and his mom Tammy.
Sports Figures from my Hometown:Magic Johnson
Most Prized Sports Possessions:Autographed book from Richard Petty
Sports Trading Cards:Thousands of them! Including Michael Jordan's rookie card in pristine condition.
Athlete Autographs:Darrell Waltrip, Kasey Kahne, Richard Petty
Favorite Sports Collectibles:

NASCAR Anything especially Die Cast Cars
Dream Sports Job:

Personal shopper for ANY NASCAR driver, owner or executive
Favorite Jerseys:Chicago Bulls #23
Favorite Sports Brands:Action Racing Collectibles
Favorite Ballgame Foods:Hot Dogs
Beer of Choice:I don't drink alcohol
Hottest Athletes:Bill Elliott, Terry Labonte, Bobby Labonte
Ugliest Athletes:We are all created in God's image so nobody is "ugly" as far as looks go. However, there are some people that have ugly attitudes...that's another story for another day!
Favorite Sports Announcers:Kyle Petty, Mikey Waltrip, DW
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:Rusty Wallace
Favorite Sports "Experts":Claire B. Lang of Sirius/XM Radio
Least Favorite Sports "Experts":Brad Daugherty
Favorite Sports Movies:Days of Thunder, Remember The Titans
Favorite Sports Books:Anything NASCAR
Favorite Sports Websites:Nascar.com, FanIQ
Sports Video Games I Play:EA Madden Series, EA NBA Series, College Football, EA NASCAR Series
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:Beginner
Favorite Sports Video Games:NASCAR
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:Riding my Harley, lighthouses, traveling
Movies:The World's Fastest Indian
TV:NASCAR!!! Law and Order, CSI, SPEED Channel
Music:Praise & Worship, Country, John Legend, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Maroon 5, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn

Video Games:WebKinz, Mario, Brainy
My Videos (15)

Jeff Burton Fender Pull
Teams Rheda Hates
Kyle Busch
Why I Hate Them: There is just something about him...can't quite put my finger on it not that I would want to.
Players I Hate: Not so much "hate", just strongly dislike.
Ohio St. Buckeyes
Why I Hate Them: Well, I don't hate 'em, just can't stand 'em
Players I Hate: Varies from year to year
Tony Stewart
Why I Hate Them: Just not a fan but really the only reason I root against him is because he is the Husband Guy's driver.
Players I Hate: Now see, I don't "hate"...but his personality conflicts with mine so...oh never mind.
Dick Vitale
Why I Hate Them: He's probably a really nice guy but his "broadcasting" skills leave much to be desired, IMHO.
Players I Hate: Not applicable in this instance
Antonio Esfandiari
Why I Hate Them: What? Is this a sport???
Players I Hate: Who are these people???
Deion Sanders
Why I Hate Them: Good thing I don't see him as a media personality any more...can't say I miss seeing him off the field either.
Players I Hate: Again, not applicable
Why I Hate Them: I don't hate curling, I just don't understand curling.
Players I Hate: No idea