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WBKsports Looking forward to the beginning of training camp tomorrow morning. #Boltup about San Diego Chargers

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WBKsports commented on Is The Los Angeles Lakers' Drama The Result Of The Media? Kobe Bryant Thinks So
This has been going on since the 80's and all 17 years Kobe has been playing for the Lakers. Kobe is just reiterating this because he is teaching Dwight how to deal with the media drama in such a big market. The Lakers are in the homes of more than... (see more)
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WBKsports commented on Pau Gasol With Torn Plantar Fascia
Out six weeks...Playoffs are in 10 weeks....If the Lakers can make it there without him. 
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34 Year Old Kobe Bryant Facial On Wallace and Humphries
In case you missed it earlier this evening or just absolutely despise watching Lakers highlights, 34 year old and 17 year NBA veteran Kobe Bryant put down a huge facial on Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries-Kardashian late in the 4th quarter of their...
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Kobe Bryant Posterizes Wallace and Humphries
34 Year Old Kobe Bryant Can Still "Get Nasty" at the rim.
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WBKsports commented on Reunited and it feels so good: Justin Upton to join his brother in Atlanta after blockbuster trade
Great trade for the Braves! A lot of options for Fredi Gonzålez. The Braves will always find pitching as they have one of the best farm systems in MLB.
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