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Height: 5'
Weight: 120
Relationship Status: Free Agent (Single)
Occupation: Bartender
Greatest Moment in Sports:What Should Have been the Greatest Sports History: Walter Peyton should have Gotten to Make the Super Bowl Winning Touchdown!
Greatest Athlete of All Time:Walter Peyton
My Sports Superstitions:If the Chiefs are Losing, I quit watching, and if I'm wearing a Chiefs shirt, I also take that off.. Then they usually win,, lol
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:Having to Listen to Len Dawson on the radio if I can't Watch the game;, other than that, Chiefs Not going to SuperBowl for so many years!
Fantasy Sports I Play:NFL, College Football
Sports I Play:Billiards/Pool
Sports Trophies/Awards:8 ball & 9 ball, Team Player
Sports People I've Met:George Brett, Neil Smith, Derrick Thomas, Tony Gonzales, Bill Moss, Jamaal Charles, Anthony Davis, Derron Cherry, Len Dawson, Larry Johnson, Andre Rison, Greg Wesley, Benny Sapp, Joe Montana, Brandon Flowers, Trent Green, David Kreig, too many to count,, Most were nice guys, but I'm sure you can pick out the ones that I Wasn't that Impressed with,,, lol
Sports Figures from my Hometown:I Love my Chiefs, looking forward to seeing What Nasty Nate can do, I was very impressed with this kid, kept telling my brother he needed to watch this kid... :) Love Jamaal, DMX, Bowe, Berry, Flowers,, Ready to see them playing the game again!
Most Prized Sports Possessions:My Autographed Football, My Autographed Derrick Thomas Picture.
Athlete Autographs:All of the Above on the Ones I have met.
Favorite Sports Collectibles:I have many sports collectibles.
Favorite Jerseys:Matt Cassell, Jamaal Charles,
Hottest Athletes:Derrick Johnson, Tony Gonzales, Anthony Davis, Dexter McCluster, Brandon Flowers, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Sam Bradford, Brett Favre, Eric Berry, Kevin Green, Brady Quin, There are a bunch of them out there, lol
Favorite Sports Announcers:Al Michaels, Chris Burhman, I also like listening to Mitch Holtus, but NOT LEN DAWSON!!
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:& Analysts: Len Dawson, Warren Sapp, Phil Sims, Michael Irving
Favorite Sports Movies:Rudy, Friday Night Lights (The Movie), The Blind Side, Brian's Song, I Love all football movies. Wish they would make one on Walter Peyton!
Favorite Sports Websites:Arrowhead Pride, NFL Network, Yahoo Sports, Bleacher Report
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:Auctions, flea markets
Movies:Troy, Boondock Saints, (Both 1st & 2nd), The Crow, Platoon, A Time to Kill, and Twilight Zone Episodes..
TV:LMN, Football, True Crime, George Lopez, Hallmark Movies
Music:Country, 80's and soft rock, Oldies
Video Games:All Resident Evil Games
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