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About Me
53% Complete Bio
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 190
Bats: L
Throws: L
Schools: BA Degree
Relationship Status: Short Term Contract (Committed Relationship)
Occupation: Music Producer/Song Writer
Companies: ???
Places I lived: japan
Greatest Moment in Sports:Lakers winning nba chanpionship on bostons floor
Greatest Event in Sports:Ali vs Frazier
Greatest Athlete of All Time:jim thorpe
Greatest Coach of All Time:john wooden
Most Fanatical Moment:tried to take a football helmet (Dallas Cowboy game) and run off the field with it
My Sports Superstitions:none
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:Ali Losing to Frazier
Sports I Play:Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool, Bowling, Dodgeball, Fishing, Football, Golf, Running, Softball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Video Games
Nickname:mad bomber
Current Skill Level:dont play anymore due to age. injury
Highest Organized Level:college football Wide Receiver, college basketball point guard
Athletes I've Played With/Against:floyd rayford, baltimore orioles dwanye osteen los angeles rams stacy augmon, norm nixon michael cooper
Sports Trophies/Awards:numerous
Career Highlights:running back punt for td
Career Lowlights:dislocating my ankle playing baseball
Sports Injuries:torn ligament in right knee, hyperexrended right knee torn muniscous, dislocated right ankle, 3 concussions
Sports Video Games I Play:EA Madden Series, EA College Football Series, NBA 2K Series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:very good
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:fishing
Movies:300 sparta
TV:not really
Music:any genre
Video Games:Grand Theft Auto
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