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0  |  0  |  7/21/08
Well, I went to the D Derby last night to see my niece run in the Demolition Derby. Had a very good time. Got to see DerbyOutlaw1 be involved in a race. More on that later. Again, this is a dirt rod...  Read More »
3  |  2  |  7/1/08
A contest in which skilled drivers ram old cars into one another until only one car remains running—aka as D-Derby. What does that bring to mind? I recently went to the D-Derby. My niece invited...  Read More »
3  |  5  |  4/23/08
As I sit here typing, I'm wondering what I'm doing here.  OK, I guess I could say that I want to shout out loud how much I love car racing.  I've grown up with car racing.  My parents w...  Read More »
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Relationship Status: Long Term Contract (Married)
Occupation: System Administrator
Companies: DoD Work for the Government
Fantasy Sports I Play:NASCAR
Sports Video Games I Play:EA NASCAR Series
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:rank amateur
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:Reading, Cooking, Quilting, Racing, Traveling by Car, Meeting people
TV:DWTS, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, and several others
Music:Classic Rock and Roll
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