Dj's Boston Celtics Scrapbook (NBA)
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KG will have his revenge and will win a title again...

>7 days
KG will have his ring next year!
>7 days
I think it's better luck next time for the...
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Favorite Players:
(current and past)
My Favorite Active Players are : Kevin Garnett Ray Allen and Paul Pierce My Favorite Past Players are : Bill Russel Bob Cousy Larry Bird
Why I am a fan:
I'm a fan of the Boston Celtics because they have many Championships and they know how to play they know how to lose and win and they to have a lot of respect to the other teams.
Favorite Moments:
The Boston Celtics being Champs again and Raising Banner 17.
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Dj's Bio
KG will have his revenge and will win...
>7 days

KG will have his ring next year!
>7 days
Oh yes the Cavs survived!
>7 days
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About Me
98% Complete Bio
My name is Dj Magracia I live in in Davao Philippines I'm 13 years old and I study at Ateneo de Davao University I love to play basketball and I love to eat food...hehehe
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110
Bats: R
Throws: R
Schools: Atene de Davao University
Relationship Status: Free Agent (Single)
Kids: I've got dogs I call them KIDS
Occupation: I'm still a student
Companies: BPY
Places I lived: Manila
Greatest Moment in Sports:Boston Celtics winning their 17 Championship
Greatest Event in Sports:Boston vs. Lakers Game 6 2008 NBA Finals
Greatest Athlete of All Time:Bill Russel
Greatest Coach of All Time:Red Auerbach
Most Fanatical Moment:Doing a Backflip on a Pogo Stick
My Sports Superstitions:I don't know what it is
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:Celtics in the 2nd seed of the Playoffs
Fantasy Sports I Play:NFL, NBA, NHL
Sports I Play:Basketball, Billiards/Pool, Bowling, Cycling, Dodgeball, Field Hockey, Floor Hockey, Golf, Kickball, Paintball, Running, Scuba Diving, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Video Games
Current Skill Level:Legendary
Highest Organized Level:Legendary
Athletes I've Played With/Against:Kevin Garnett
Sports Trophies/Awards:MVP award
Career Highlights:Buzzer Beater Shot for the Win.
Career Lowlights:Losing in the Championship Games
Sports Injuries:Sprained right ankle
Games I Usually Attend:Basketball
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:Championship Games
Sports People I've Met:Kevin Garnett
Sports Figures from my Hometown:James Yap
Most Prized Sports Possessions:2 Limited Edition of Kevin Garnett's Shoes
Sports Trading Cards:I to don't have interest on Trading Cards
Athlete Autographs:Kevin Garnett
Favorite Sports Collectibles:Jerseys and Shoes
Dream Sports Job:Being one of the Boston Celtics
Favorite Jerseys:almost everybody
Favorite Sports Brands:Adidas and Nike
Favorite Ballgame Foods:Baby Ruth
Hottest Athletes:I'm not a pervert
Ugliest Athletes:Zaza Pachulia
Favorite Sports Announcers:I don't have Interest in Sports Announcers
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:I don't have Interest in Sports Announcers
Favorite Sports "Experts":I to don't have Interest on Sports "Experts" or Writers
Least Favorite Sports "Experts":I to don't have Interest on Sports "Experts" or Writers
Favorite Sports Movies:Glory Road ,Year of the Yao and Space Jam
Favorite Sports Books:Slam Magazine
Favorite Sports
Sports Video Games I Play:EA Madden Series, NFL 2K Sereis, NFL Street, NCAAF 2K Series, EA NBA Series, NBA 2K Series, EA NASCAR Series, FightNight Series
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:All-Star
Favorite Sports Video Games:NBA 2K9
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:Playing w/ my Dogs
Movies:Black Hawk Down
TV:Basketball and Movies
Music:Pop ,Rock ,Punk
Video Games:Jamlegend
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Inside the mind of Kevin Garnett
Teams Dj Hates
Los Angeles Lakers
Why I Hate Them: They rely on one guy only ,I hate the lakers but their guys have great talent .
Players I Hate: I hate Kobe Bryant because does'nt pass to his teamates and he won't give a freakin chance to let his other teammates score. I know Kobe's a great passer he just does'nt know.