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A Storybook Ending In New York
I planned to write this yesterday, but I was too ill to do so. I'm referring to what occurred Thursday night at Yankee Stadium in New York. Baseball fans are still talking about it today, two days later. For those who don't know,...
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I Told You Seattle Was In Trouble, But I Didn't Expect This
Wow!  The Toronto Blue Jays made a statement for sure last night.  The Jays demolished the Seattle Mariners 14-4 and put a huge dent in the Mariners playoff hopes. Now I wrote in yesterday's article (Three Very...
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Three Very Important MLB Series To Keep An Eye On This Week
There are three very important series to keep a close eye on this week in Major League Baseball as the 2014 season winds down....
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Washington Nationals Are Champions
The Washington Nationals clinched the National League East last night, after shutting out Atlanta 3-0. The ironic thing is that the Nationals won the title 20 after the Montreal Expos lost their chance when the infamous 1994 players strike wiped out...
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No More Spin-A-Ramas
The National Hockey League has done a smart thing today.  The created a new rule that is going to prohibit hot dogging during shoot outs.  I'm referring to those stupid spin-a-ramas  moves that some players do just before taking a...
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No More Spin-A-Ramas
The National Hockey League has done a smart thing today.  The created a new rule that is going to prohibit hot dogging during shoot outs.  I'm referring to those stupid spin-a-ramas  moves that some players do just before taking a...
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Subban Captain? Why Not?
Yesterday I came across a headline that suggests that Montreal's defenseman, P.K. Subban  should be awarded the captaincy. I say, WHY THE HECK NOT? Subban has already proven he has leadership qualities.  He helped his team...
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Beliveau Recovering From Pneumonia
Montreal Canadiens legend, Jean Beliveau is at home recovering from pneumonia, his wife Elise told the Montreal Gazette newspaper yesterday. Nicknamed Le Gros Bill, Beliveau won 10 Stanley Cups within the 19 seasons he played in the...
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Bruins Signs Krejci For Another Six Years
Opponents are going to fear the Boston Bruins for a good seven year as the club has just signed center, David Krejci to a six-year, $43.5 million contract extension that is going to begin in 2015-16 season.  His current contract ends next...
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Yesterday's Jay's Game Has A Storybook Ending
The Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada had a storybook ending and the lead character was New York Yankee's infielder Derek Jeter. This was Jeter's final game in Toronto as he retires at the end of the season. Before the game the...
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A's Acquires Dunn
The Oakland Athletics have just acquired 34 year-old slugger Adam Dunn from the Chicago White Sox in exchange for Minor League pitcher Nolan Sanburn. The two-time All-Star has had a rather stellar career.  Dunn has played in 1,938 games, scored...
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My Favorite Time Of Year
This is my favorite time of year when it comes to sports. As I write this blog, I have the Rice/Notre Dame game on.  With just 1:30 to go in the second quarter, the Fighting Irish are winning 21-10. We are just a week away from the...
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Who's Better: Patrick Kane Or Phil Kessel
I just came across an article on Sportnet.ca which asked a simple question.  Who would you want on your team?  Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks or Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I thought hmm, I could write a blog about...
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Another NHL Team In Toronto? I Don't Think So
The big news today involves a rumor swirling around that the National Hockey League is expanding in 2017. Toronto, Quebec, and Las Vegas are just a few of the cities mentioned in the report. Of course, the NHL has immediately...
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Anderson Signs A Three-Year Extension With The Sens
NHL goal tender, Craig Anderson has signed a three-year contract extension with the Ottawa Senators worth $12.6 million Born Craig Peter Anderson on May 21, 1981 in Park Ridge, Illinois, USA, he finished his Major Junior career with the Guelph...
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Cuban Defector Signs With Bosox
The Boston Red Sox have just signed Cuban defector, Rusney Castillo to a $72.5 million contract. This probably seems to be a lot for a player that hasn't played outside of Cuba, but if know how bad the Red Sox have been playing this year, you...
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Sharks To Enter Training Camp On A Clean Slate
Report: The San Jose Sharks have stripped Joe Thornton of the captain's "C' and are going into training camp without a captain. The Sharks are also stripping Patrick Marleau of the alternate captain's "A". This is a...
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Coallition Wants Athletic Groups To Be Proactive When It Comes To Head Injuries
A coalition of health and sports groups is call athletic organizations in Canada to be more proactive when it comes to serious head injuries. The Canadian Concussion Collaborative, consisting of nine sports advocacy groups has laid out a...
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Blue Jays Prospect Tearing It Up In The Triple-A
While the Toronto Blue Jays struggle with their pitching woes, there is a bright spot in all of this.  His name is Daniel Norris and the 21 year-old Tennessee native is tearing it up in Triple-A Buffalo. "Daniel's continuing his...
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