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ethancorneille commented on Ryan Leaf is in trouble with the law again
Ryan Leaf doesn't really restrain himself, does he? He's done everything he could, all that was left for him was to find another state to start over again. I think he should really talk to an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles about... (see more)
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ethancorneille commented on Philadelphia Flyers: Matt Read Proves the Importance of a Quality Education
It's weird Schenn had to be injured to realize that this group must exist. A world without education is like a team without a coach - there's no way of knowing where to go from here. I've learned from my organizational leadership courses... (see more)
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ethancorneille commented on Everyone's shocked that the Chargers aren't making more changes, including some random pro auto racer
Esayian's deed deserves respect from the point of view that he still hopes this team can do something better. I have a friend who works at a transmission repair in Tucson and he said that until we get another coach, there's not much we can do... (see more)
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ethancorneille commented on This Is All The Proof You Need That The BCS Is A Joke
Either something's wrong with BCS, either those computers were hacked, somehow. It's so easy to get a password software and to start playing around... James Madison isn't a hidden genius, let's face it. He couldn't have got that... (see more)
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