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ffbob16 commented on Green Bay Packers-vs-New York Giants 11/17/2013
GIANTS will win & Pack without Arron Rodgers are easy pickings.
11/7/13 | Reply | Respect | Read post

ffbob16 Yankkes made smart move #1

10/11/13 | Comment | Respect


ffbob16 commented on New York Yankees-vs-Tampa Bay Rays 08/24/2013
CC is over do for a good game!!! If all goes well we will get back on a BIG roll..
8/24/13 | Reply | Respect | Read post


ffbob16 commented on Philadelphia Eagles-vs-New York Giants 12/30/2012
OK Giants fans we need to stop the bleeding & end regular season on a stomp Philly note. What a proper send off for a coach to end his coaching days with a last game stomping goodbye Andy Reed. Next ring master in line for Philly circus that continuely... (see more)
12/27/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


ffbob16 commented on The NHL lockout has officially cut into the season
Hockey is done for 2012!!! We will be lucky if they start training camp this year...The players want alot & the owners want alot, are they palying CHICKEN to see who blinks 1st !!!!????
11/8/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


ffbob16 commented on Los Angeles Angels-vs-New York Yankees 07/13/2012
YANKEES took 2 out of 3 so far. The dred sox are tied for last !!!!(lol)... Get to rest up some during all star break. Then get in higher gear for final stretch where they play mostly AL East teams & could clinch by early September if they kept stong... (see more)
7/8/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


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