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henrysmith903 commented on sweet 56 ford
I really admire Ford cars. Almost all of them are elegant to the eyes. As of these days, it is very rare to see a car like this. Based on what I've read, this car was really a block buster during the 1950s. Almost all people wanted to have and own... (see more)
10/13/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on AUDI R8
Wow. An Audi R8! This is my favorite sports car of all time. For me, nothing can defeat the beauty and elegance of this car. When it comes to performance, this car will never disappoint you. Audi R8 is a ideal car for car racers and enthusiast because... (see more)
10/5/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on Dodge Challenger
Haha, you guys have a good observation for Dodge cars. Well I don't think that they really dominated the auto industry for muscle cars because there are other car makes like chevy that also attracted more customers for the past years. 
9/29/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on #5 car Mercedes Benz 220S 1958 and no drivers license.
Mercedes Benz will always remain as the undisputable competitor when it comes to luxury cars section. Since 1950's, this German car maker has been a trend to all the car enthusiast around the world. I would be more happy if Mercedes benz car's... (see more)
9/21/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on Supra
I'm craving to have this car. Unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy this Toyota Supra. Supra are known for its blazing speed and high endurance performance that is why most of drag racers preferred this car rather than other car makes... (see more)
9/13/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on 2002 Venom 1000TT
I think this car was still expensive as of these days. Look at its exterior and body parts and compare it to other car models. This venom will probably still dominate when it comes to design and features. ut I'm not yet sure of its performance. I... (see more)
9/7/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on dodge
Well good observation by you willy. Haven't seen modern dodge as of now but I'm hoping that I can have a car like this. Awesome car
8/31/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


henrysmith903 commented on Ford GT
Good observation out there willy. Well, I think everyone doesn't have any regrets being a Ford enthusiast because they should be proud of it. And for me, this car is almost complete, replacing its parts and accessories are not that necessary.
8/26/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


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