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Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Brady of Course but equally and maybe more emotionally Randy Moss. Why? Because before he came to New England he was to all intents and purposes a jerk. He came here and we found out he just needed to belong to a team that appreciated and used his talents as well as the Patriots creed of professionalism. I will miss Brewski, Vrable, Harrison, Gafney, Seymor, Cassell, and the list goes on. So much talent and as we know Bill just trades and builds and each time we say, what? and each time he proves why he is the coach.
Why I am a fan:
The Pats seem to be the Gentlemen of the NFL. You never hear bragging or dissing of other teams or players. Only the greatest of respect. It has been that way since Bill arrived and even before. There is no time that the Patriots have been called down for unsportsmanlike conduct when talking or interacting with other teams. I just am proud to have a team that makes it's mark not on the backs of any one player but when you speak of the the Patriots you are speaking of what it really means to be a team player. Like I said before, Randy Moss was the bad boy of football. He came here and now he is the gentleman of the line and an example to all his teammates. That's what it means to be a team and a team player. That is what it is to be a Pats fan as well.
Favorite Moments:
Three Superbowl rings is a great start. How the team gathered around and supported Matt Cassell when he had to take over for Tom. What he did and they also was impressive as anything I have seen in the sport of football. Their record wins and not getting to the playoffs felt terrible to the fans but just like Matt's amazing performance and watching the team truly break their butts to win inspired not just the fans but the football community as a whole. These moments mean more than the wins, the rings or anything else tangible because their sportsmanship, their gathering to support Matt and make the most of a situation that could have been terrible became something far better than anyone could have imagined.
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I am legally blind . I love computers, reading, and the Patriots. Actually I am a bit of this and a little of that in that I like many different subjects and follow several avenues of thought quite often to the point of distraction. I am often found at the keyboard listening to books and doing this and that like what i am doing here. I have only been at this spot a few days here and there. Football is about all for me. I like watching sports with horses. Not racing. I object to horse racing in the strongest terms. Using two and three year old horses that run fast but then when they break down because they are much too young they are just as often put down. As my wife who loves horses and uses them in her work as a Physical Therapist has told me, the bones in the legs of these poor animals are far too under developed to run as they do often And because of it they often end up being put down. There is only the rare few that go to stud the rest are put down. Liz brought Hippotherapy now called riding for the handicapped to this country when her and a dozen women went to Germany and were taught the methods used and brought it here, developed the curriculum to be taught in colleges. Anyway we are devout fans and watch each game often bewildering the neighbors with the yells and screams. That's me, and that's my story for now.
Height: 5' 11"
Schools: Graduated from Medfield High School. Went to BU had a 3.75 grade point average but could not finish as my wife had to graduate and the money was just too much for us.
Relationship Status: Long Term Contract (Married)
Kids: We were never able to have kids.
Occupation: Disabled previously in wholesale and retail sales of musical instruments. Then because i got a conscience I swapped in mid stream and became a damned good machinist up until the machine I worked on spit out some chemically treated chips into my eyes now i am totally disabled because of the contamination I was and am still going blind. I blame no one except the machine and the place i worked at for refusing to fix the damned able door on the machine. I do some private consulting for computers but that is limimited for obvious reasons
Greatest Moment in Sports:1938 Olympics in Germany
Greatest Event in Sports:Pats winning three rings
Greatest Coach of All Time:Bill B.
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:Last year when the Pats and Matt got eleven but still did not make the playoffs what a bust.
Fantasy Sports I Play:NFL
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:see computers
Movies:Scfi . Armageddon is a favorite but there are so many good ones it hard to pick. Transformers, 2010, 2012, anything with special effects. Fried Green tomatoes ( I know but it's such a great movie kinda like driving miss Daisey). Our all time favorite is Lord of the rings. The movie but the books as well.
TV:PBS, anything to do with the paranormal, football.
Music:You name it. Unless it is country western. I don't care for either country or Western. Being a child of the sixties I tend toward hard rock but actually listen to classical most of the time. Being sixty one does that to a person but as my wife and I say......." If we go to the nursing home bring the Hendrix and Led Zeplin!
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Teams Stan Hates
New York Jets
Why I Hate Them: I hate no one but Ryan should be ashamed of himself. His brash, bragging and denigration of the coach was not only crude, rude and uncalled for but it sets an example that has made his team become like him as well. Watching them lose and seeing Ryan stew and fume made my day. I feel bad for the team because no one wants to lose but for Ryan it perhaps will at least shut his over stuffed face for a bit or at least we can hope.
Players I Hate: I hate no one and certainly have no dislike for the team. My dislike is as I said for the coach, Ryan.