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The Jaguars need to get Tim Tebow now for leadership and a winning attitude. He could save Jack's job.
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 160
Bats: R
Throws: R
Schools: Marshall, Pitt, Florida
Relationship Status: Free Agent (Single)
Kids: two 27 and 25
Occupation: Retired
Companies: GE
Places I lived: Huntington, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Dallas and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Greatest Moment in Sports:New York Jets beating the Colts
Greatest Event in Sports:Super Bowl
Greatest Athlete of All Time:Ted Williams, Pete Rose, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Jim Brown, Tim Tebow
Greatest Coach of All Time:UCLA Basketball in 70's, 80's
Most Fanatical Moment:Mountain biking to top of Big Mountain Montana
My Sports Superstitions:None
Sports I Play:Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool, Bowling, Climbing, Cycling, Fishing, Football, Golf, Skiing/Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Weightlfting
Current Skill Level:Good but old
Highest Organized Level:High School
Athletes I've Played With/Against:Hal Greer in pickup games at Marshall
Sports Trophies/Awards:Many in Tennis
Career Highlights:22 points in a ymca basketball league
Career Lowlights:Hurt on the soccer field by a dirty player
Sports Injuries:Many
Games I Usually Attend:Gator Football, Jaguar Football
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:Stanley Cup Playoffs, NBA playoffs, Cincinnati Reds Games, NFL playoffs, NCAA basketball tournament regionals, TPC Golf Tournament, PGA Championship, U.S. Open Tennis tournament
Sports People I've Met:Pete Rose, Hal Greer, Jerry West, Nolan Ryan
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:Tennis, hiking, fishing, biking, lifting weights
Movies:Legends of the Fall, A river runs through it, Money Ball
TV:Sports and Fox News
Music:Rock and Roll
Video Games:None
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