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levinila commented on West Bromwich Albion-vs-Manchester City 05/07/2013
We always know way around it. We want it (94) and we gonna get it. Something about manchester United, its the spirit.
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levinila commented on Manchester United-vs-Arsenal 04/28/2013
Mmmmmh. You know i have already bagged the Trophy but i can still bet that its a win for the rest of the game. We are targeting to beat the 94pts record and we start with Arsenal. Tough game but i can still bet on it.
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levinila commented on Manchester United-vs-Sunderland 03/30/2013
Domination, resilience of a leopard, heart of a lion and the unity of honey comb. This is the best team in the world nomatter what they say
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Manchester United Outsatnding Players 2012-2013
With a slow start of the season, we were not sure how far we would come considering the challenge of unending injuries. Now we have seen tremendous dedication amongst the players and so far we are proud to support this team. We therefore recogbize the...
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levinila commented on Manchester United-vs-Everton 08/20/2012
How the hell do you die out of a team like United? Persie had to take a rebirth in the very greatmen arena. Forever Manutd.
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