Myrna's Manny Pacquiao Scrapbook (Boxing)
#2 Fan Manny Pacquiao
42 Takes
I believe The PACMANwill ruin Floyd's Mayweather's careerin their coming fight.

>7 days
The PACMAN will gonna ruin Juan Manuel Marquez...
>7 days
Congratulations!!! and welcome back Kabayan
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Manny Paquiao, Muhamad Ali, Oscar Golden Boy de la Hoya, Erik Morales
Why I am a fan:
I love this game since it's the survival of the fittest
Favorite Moments:
when the knockdown is scored
Myrna's Tiger Woods Scrapbook (Golf)
#3 Fan Tiger Woods
21 Takes
Tiger Woods will make up for his lost glory and he'll be back with a vengance

>7 days
Common Tiger, I know you still have the guts...
>7 days
Better Luck next time Tiger
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
I love this guy who have earned his place in golf now
Why I am a fan:
Why I am a fan ask yourself why that's it is
Favorite Moments:
when he reach his fame and it's real nice goin to his ladder
Myrna's FanIQ Scrapbook (Locker Room)
#17 Fan FanIQ
19 Takes
I know I can't please everyone here but am trying my best

>7 days
Movies, Music, Relationships, and the like are...
>7 days
Happy Holidays to All Q members
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
All players and fans like me
Why I am a fan:
I love all the games here and meeting friends is a plus factor
Favorite Moments:
when you have a high score on all the quizzes you take
Myrna's San Antonio Spurs Scrapbook (NBA)
#21 Fan San Antonio Spurs
20 Takes
The SPURS will be back on top in this coming conference

>7 days
The SPURS have their own time and they can...
>7 days
The SPURS still dominate the Eastern Conference
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Tony Parker, Tim Funcan, Manu Ginobili, Michael Finley, Drew Gooden, Krt Tomas
Why I am a fan:
I bet they will play for the championship game and they will take home the championship trophy
Favorite Moments:
When Michael Finley made a fast and sure dunk
Myrna's Chicago Bears Scrapbook (NFL)
#60 Fan Chicago Bears
16 Takes
The Chicago Bears are catching up and their trying to be on top of their games

>7 days
The Bears are really gaining their momentum..
>7 days
Go Bears show them what you got!!!
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Anthony Adams, Lance Briggs, Alex Brown, Mark Anderson,Earl Benett, Erwin Baldwin
Why I am a fan:
They're the team I love to follow and cheer on their games
Favorite Moments:
None added yet...
Myrna's Taekwondo Scrapbook (Martial Arts)
#1 Fan Taekwondo
11 Takes
My mind is on my physical maintenance and I do my best to do all the routine

>7 days
Martial arts is one that is really good to the...
>7 days
Martial arts itself is a form of physical fitness
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Lee,
Why I am a fan:
Martial arts is one that is a positive plus factor to everybody who knows this art. There is a lot of discipline here to be observed.
Favorite Moments:
When a player wins the game and takes home the trophy
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Myrna's Bio
Hi Everyone! just got back and have...
>7 days

My mind is on my physical maintenance...
>7 days
The Chicago Bears are catching up and...
>7 days
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I am a sports fan and I do play Bowling, Baseball, Volleyball, Dart, Hurdles, Swimming and Marathon. An avid fan of Bowling,Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Gymnastics and I love to watch NBA games. It's part of our physical fitness to engage in sports but am early sports player/fan way back from my grade school. We have annual anniversary sports fest and we have GCAA and interports sportsfest that I am active. One that I can not miss. At my age I do participate still in the above mentioned games that I love best. To this day, I am fit to partake in all my games. I work as a Head of the Audit Services of a government corporation and I finished my MBA at the Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila (PLM) and a graduate of Bachelors of Science in Commerce. I did work after my college days up to this moment. I do live alone and sports take half of my life. I do love to travel since it entails my work. I live alone with m dog named Jaguar in a house that I have been able to purchase.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 119
Bats: L
Throws: R
Schools: Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila (PLM) Masters in Government Management, Major in Fiscal Administration Divine Word College f Laoag City, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Accounting, Major in Management Holy Spirirt Academy of Laoag City Elementary and High School
Relationship Status: Free Agent (Single)
Kids: None
Occupation: Corporate Accountant; Head Audit Services Section Supervising Auditor , Audit Services, Controllership Dept.; Corporate Accounts Specialist, PPA Head Office Fiscal Officer, Comission on Audit PPA Head Office
Companies: Philippine Ports Authority Manila Philippines
Places I lived: Laoag City, Ilocos Norte 9 Iba Street, Qezon City Camp Cladio Tambo, Paranaque City
Greatest Moment in Sports:When a team won the Championship game and any play skill challenge
Greatest Event in Sports:When a player survives after an injury or accident in a play
Greatest Athlete of All Time:In Boxing Muhamad ALi, Michael Jordan in NBA
Most Fanatical Moment:When I head butt a fan when he did a bad comment about my team player
My Sports Superstitions:None
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:When a player is intentionally given a a hard time or injury in the game
Fantasy Sports I Play:NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf, College Football, NASCAR
Fantasy Skill Level:Excel in Tennis but over average on Baseball, Excel in Volleyball, Bowling, Dart
Sports I Play:Baseball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Darts, Martial Arts, Running, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball
Current Skill Level:More than average
Highest Organized Level:When we won the championship game in Volleyball and Bowling
Athletes I've Played With/Against:PRISAA, NCAA, GCAA, PHILPORTS Tournament
Sports Trophies/Awards:100 and 200 meter dash marathon and hurdles, Volleyball and Bowling champions
Career Highlights:I was the champion in 100 and 200 meter dash and hurdles
Career Lowlights:when I was accidentally hit by a baseball
Sports Injuries:Injured right palm it was cut and it has 8 stiches
Games I Usually Attend:Volleyball, Baseball, and Bowling
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:Beach Volleyball Olympics, Olympic Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do and Judo karate Tournaments, Football Championship Tournament, Chess Championship Tournament
Sports People I've Met:Nadia Comeneci, Olympic Games 74 Freddie Webb, Mark Clarence Telan of Purefoods. Alvin Patrimonio
Sports Figures from my Hometown:Mark Clarence Telan of the Purefoods
Most Prized Sports Possessions:Tropies, Medals, Certicates of Awards
Favorite Sports Collectibles:T-shirts, Shorts, Caps, Jogging Pants, Jackets
Dream Sports Job:Head Cheer Leader
Favorite Jerseys:Larry Bird, McNab, Manu Ginubili
Favorite Sports Brands:Nike and Adidas
Favorite Ballgame Foods:Potato Chips, Chicken Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, all kind of NUTS and Sprite
Beer of Choice:San Miguel Beer Light
Hottest Athletes: Novak Jonkovic, Rafa Nadal, Andy Rodick, Michael Jordan, Smush Parker, Tim Duncan, Bill Lambert and John Stockton
Ugliest Athletes:None so far
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:Diane Castillejo
Favorite Sports "Experts":Mark Nelson
Least Favorite Sports "Experts":Snubs, Bad Tripper, Boastful
Favorite Sports Movies:Death Race The Fast and the Furious, Field of Dreams, The Hurricane, Rudy, Remember the Titans, Shaolin Soccer, Field of Dream
Favorite Sports Books:Martial Arts - Judo Karate and Taekwando, Bowling
Favorite Sports Websites:Youtube, Fan IQ, Sports Bleacher Report, ESPN
Sports Video Games I Play:EA Madden Series, NFL 2K Sereis, NFL Head Coach, EA MLB Series, EA NBA Series, NBA 2K Series, College Football, FightNight Series
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:Average
Favorite Sports Video Games:Shooter, NBA, Golf
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:Reading, Gardening, Dancing and Singing
Movies:Ocean Series, Prison Break, Fast and Furious, All Jean Claude Van Dame Movies and Steven Segal
TV:The Amazing Race, Family Feud, Sports,
Music:Hot&Cold Shakira, Beyonce Knowles, Akon, Air SUpply The Eagles, JZ. Barry Manilow, Santana
Video Games:Basketball, Bubbles, Shooter
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