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diggin my nose , lol
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About Me
81% Complete Bio
im not a perfect person , lol
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 70
Bats: S
Throws: R
Schools: underground , lol
Relationship Status: Long Term Contract (Married)
Kids: huh ?
Occupation: i dunno , whtz above means , lol
Companies: hate school , lol
Places I lived: kyle's heart . lol
Greatest Moment in Sports:when da champhions kicked their coach , huge lol
Greatest Event in Sports:i dunno . i nva watched any sports . oh yeah , when my dad repairin my pc , datz sport . or when my bro fell from his surf board . datz not sport , datz amusin . lol
Greatest Athlete of All Time:my dad , lol
Greatest Coach of All Time:my sist (pregnant mum) , lol
Most Fanatical Moment:kicked my teacher's ass . oh yeah . wanna do dat again . lol
My Sports Superstitions:scratch my ass . lmfao . lol
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:when da ball (in soccer ball) already near da goal , n when i start 2 yellin , itz fail . no goal . yez dissapointed . lol , c ? im not deserve 2 got any award , lol
Fantasy Sports I Play:NBA, Golf, NHL, College Football
Sports I Play:Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Climbing, Cycling, Fishing, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Paintball, Running, Scuba Diving, Skating, Skiing/Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Video Games
Games I Usually Attend:soccer ball , base ball , basket ball
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:basket ball
Sports People I've Met:my granpa , lol
Sports Figures from my Hometown:our beloved savory , lol
Most Prized Sports Possessions:dunno
Sports Trading Cards:dunno
Athlete Autographs:kyle , lol
Favorite Sports Collectibles:im frustate
Dream Sports Job:badminton player
Favorite Jerseys:wht ?
Favorite Sports Brands:adidas , hahaha
Favorite Ballgame Foods:who ?
Hottest Athletes:kyle , if he's an athletes , lol
Ugliest Athletes:my sist , lol , oh , my beloved sist . i juzt kid .. please dun be mad . i lv y so much . y knw i'll alwyz lv y .. lol . tc of y n ur baby .. i'll lv dat baby . lol
Favorite Sports Announcers:tennis
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:soccer ball
Favorite Sports "Experts":i dunno
Least Favorite Sports "Experts":my sist , lol
Favorite Sports Movies:da game plan
Favorite Sports Books:dunno
Favorite Sports Websites:dunno
Sports Video Games I Play:NFL Head Coach, NFL Street, EA College Football Series, NBA 2K Series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, FightNight Series
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:diggin my nose , lol
Movies:lotr , pirates of da caribean , ocean 11-13 .
TV:wht do y mean ? da channel ? all . lol
Music:emo , rock n roll , disco
Video Games:sims , jojo fashion show , guitar heroes
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Teams Noura Hates
Steve White
Why I Hate Them: juz hate them !
Players I Hate: my ex bf (wht ?) , lol
Travis Kvapil
Why I Hate Them: juz hate them !
Players I Hate: my ex bf (wht ?) , lol
North Melbourne Kangaroos
Why I Hate Them: dunno
Players I Hate: whteva
Chicago White Sox
Why I Hate Them: im tired
Players I Hate: can y stop nw ?
Why I Hate Them: akh !
Players I Hate: no more quest , lol
Cross Country Skiing
Why I Hate Them: hate
Players I Hate: hate
Toronto Argonauts
Why I Hate Them: they're bitch
Players I Hate: mandy n karly (kyle's ex gf) lol