scott's New York Rangers Scrapbook (NHL)
#34 Fan New York Rangers
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how do we lead the league in scoring

>7 days
>7 days
Lundqvist > sliced bread
>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
SEAN AVERY, Petr Prucha, King Henrik, Ortmeyer, Graves, Leetch, Mess
Why I am a fan:
No explanation given yet...
Favorite Moments:
rangers '93-94 cup win, crowd gives standing ovation after rangers lose in 06-07 playoffs to sabres, rangers respond with stick salute
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scott's New York Giants Scrapbook (NFL)
#131 Fan New York Giants
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scott doesn't have have a recent thought about the New York Giants
Ask what they are thinking.
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
Strahan, osi
Why I am a fan:
No explanation given yet...
Favorite Moments:
kicking brady's ass in the SB!!!
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scott's New York Mets Scrapbook (MLB)
#53 Fan New York Mets
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honestly, who teaches the mets how to play baseball? even I know not to throw the ball to where nobody is, that's just common inteligence101

>7 days
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
david wright, tino martinez
Why I am a fan:
No explanation given yet...
Favorite Moments:
bottom of the 14th, mets down by 1...Reyes is on 2rd, Delgado up to bat...he draws a balk from none other than Armando Benitez to get to 3rd...then draws yet ANOTHER balk to score tied. Next pitch, Delgado goes yard...Mets win
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scott's New York Knicks Scrapbook (NBA)
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scott doesn't have have a recent thought about the New York Knicks
Ask what they are thinking.
Favorite Players:
(current and past)
john starks, david lee
Why I am a fan:
No explanation given yet...
Favorite Moments:
spring of '94- knicks and the rangers both make runs for the finals...rangers won, but knicks fell short of couse...still one of the greatest NY sports moments
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scott's Bio
>7 days

rangers = mets of the NHL
>7 days
giants: 600 yards of offense and...
>7 days
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Sport: NHL
Head tattoo - NBA Photo
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Sport: MLB
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You have to go all the way back to Dave Shultz beating on Dale Rofle circa 1974 to see a Ranger take this many punches in a fight... Aaron Voros' face takes a beating from Cam Jansse...  Read More »
Sport: NHL
About Me
90% Complete Bio
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140
Bats: R
Throws: R
Schools: trumbull high, roger williams university
Relationship Status: Free Agent (Single)
Kids: ha
Occupation: odd jobs
Companies: none
Greatest Event in Sports:stanley cup finals
Greatest Athlete of All Time:i hate this question -_-
My Sports Superstitions:if my team is losing, i will switch to another TV or seat
Most Disappointing Sports Moments:don't wanna talk about it
Fantasy Sports I Play:NFL, MLB, NHL
Fantasy Skill Level:n00b
Sports I Play:Baseball, Billiards/Pool, Dodgeball, Floor Hockey, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, Video Games
Nickname:Radar (back on my travel soccer team)
Current Skill Level:play for fun
Highest Organized Level:high school JV...
Athletes I've Played With/Against:none
Sports Trophies/Awards:a bunch of tourney's won on my travel soccer team, plus the "trophies" that everyone gets in the kiddy leagues
Career Highlights:scoring a game winning goal in the semis of a soccer tournament off my ass
Career Lowlights:Failing at tryouts
Sports Injuries:none, I'm just that tough ...or I sit on the bench too much...
Games I Usually Attend:Mets, Rangers (when i can get tickets)...i went to one Giants game, but I was lucky, and tickets are sold out for the next 15 years
Greatest Sporting Event I've Attended:nothing really
Sports People I've Met:some boxer, don't remember the name, i was really little
Sports Figures from my Hometown:Chris Drury
Most Prized Sports Possessions:Tino Martinez ball
Sports Trading Cards:tons of baseball cards, probably worth around 5 grand
Athlete Autographs:Tino Martinez ball, todd helton when he played in the minors (new haven ravens)
Favorite Sports Collectibles:Baseball cards I guess, and i got a couple jerseys
Dream Sports Job:playing for the Rangers
Favorite Jerseys:osi umenyiora, chris drury
Favorite Sports Brands:nike, adidas
Favorite Ballgame Foods:whatever works
Hottest Athletes:maria sharapova, those two beach volleyball chicks that are always on each other ;)
Ugliest Athletes:serena williams
Favorite Sports Announcers:sam, JD, joe, al
Least Favorite Sports Announcers:John Sterling and the chick that both do the Yankee radio broadcast
Favorite Sports "Experts":Bill clement
Least Favorite Sports "Experts":anyone from VERSUS
Favorite Sports Movies:Miracle, Remember the Titans, The Replacements, Major League, Slap Shot, MIGHTY DUCKS
Favorite Sports Books:Reading is for chumps
Favorite Sports Websites:FanIQ, duh
Sports Video Games I Play:EA NHL Series, EA FIFA Series
Video Game Skill Level/ Playing Style:WARRIOR
Favorite Sports Video Games:NHL
Non-Sports Hobbies and Interests:i can have hobbies outside sports???
Movies:again, the list would be too long...but my all time fav is Happy Gilmore
TV:my list would be too long, so top 3... 1) Scrubs 2) Family Guy 3) South Park
Music:everything. except country
Video Games:EVERYTHING, i freakin love video games. mostly RPG and adventure type games and FPS. oh, and mario = best games/character ever..zelda is up there too
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Aaron Voros' face takes a Pounding from Cam Janssen
Teams scott Hates
New Jersey Devils
Why I Hate Them: Truly a Mickey Mouse organization
Players I Hate: Martin Blowdoor, Rupp
New York Islanders
Why I Hate Them: They are the Islanders
Players I Hate: they all suck too much to hate
Dallas Cowboys
Why I Hate Them: they suck
Players I Hate: all of em
Pittsburgh Penguins
Why I Hate Them: Bettman loves them too much = they get BS calls
Players I Hate: Cindy
Philadelphia Eagles
Why I Hate Them: the sheeeeeaaagles
Players I Hate: i just hate the team
Atlanta Braves
Why I Hate Them: i just do
Players I Hate: laaaarrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy
Philadelphia Flyers
Why I Hate Them: they are from philly
Players I Hate: mike richards, cote