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looks like a good call passing on the...
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braves win today has made the nats...
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you know what? I'm looking at a's...
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It was a long way to go for nothing last night in Chicago.  The Cubs are a team that's going to battle all the way, but they're almost as futile sometimes as the Rox are.  Colorado, ...  Read More »
Sport: MLB
0  |  0  |  7/29/14
Yeah, it was pretty disgusting.  Enough to make you sick.  However, it was also a beautiful testament to this magnificent game.  A game is never over because of the time on the clock.&n...  Read More »
Sport: MLB
0  |  0  |  7/28/14
Every day is a very fluid situation around here.  Adjustments can be made at any time.  Sometimes they work out.  Sometimes they don't, but I'm always going to make decisions ba...  Read More »
Sport: MLB
0  |  0  |  7/27/14
You can probably understand now why I took the chance with King Felix on Friday night, and why I wasn't all that upset when the M's didn't come through.  I knew I had yesterday's ...  Read More »
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