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safely in the barn with 2 wins in...
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gonna bank on the nats to get these...
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phils home safe
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I would have preferred that Pitt pressed their 1st half advantage yesterday, not committed some stupid penalties that killed drives and ultimately let their game against Iowa get completely away from ...  Read More »
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So, guess who my new favorite player is.  That's right.  Russell Martin of the Pirates, but what a waste for Yovanni Gallardo.  He may well have pitched his best game of the season ...  Read More »
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This is what it's all about.  It's the next to the last weekend of baseball's regular season.  There's 10 games to go, and 7 postseason slots still up for grabs.  It can...  Read More »
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September baseball makes for some weird situations.  The entire gamut of human emotion can be engaged in just a few short hours.  A case in point would have been with the Tigers last night.&...  Read More »
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