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pigskinfan with peavy getting cuffed around and the sox swinging with wet noodles, let's jump that OVER with the Blazers

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pigskinfan with peavy getting cuffed around and the sox swinging with wet noodles, let's jump that OVER with the Blazers

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The Bunny Hop
I almost caught that wascally wabbit last night, but he slipped away.  It was an ugly scene, but not near as ugly as the spectacle in Oklahoma City.  The Thunder may have won the game by 14 points, but I was left unconvinced.  Neither...
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Back In Black
Once the Dodgers pen got involved in last night's game, they gift wrapped one for the Snakes.  It just took awhile for Arizona to open the present.  Of course, the Dodgers offense didn't get anything done either, but the critical...
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I don't know it you got to see it, but that hockey game in St. Louis last night might have been the greatest of all time.  I thought I was going to have a early night what with all the west coast baseball being played in the afternoon, but it...
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Another nail-biter last night, but it all worked out in the end for me.  That's all I'm concerned about.  Now that all those fortunate teams from The Association know where they're going, and who they'll be playing in the 1st...
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Down To The Wire
They've been at it since late October, and for many teams in the Association, 81 games have not been enough to settle their fate.  Although we know all the teams that will be in the playoffs, we still don't know just how the matchups in...
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She's Tight
Good things don't often come easy.  That's an old cliché, but it really rang true for me last night.  Kemba Walker did play last night for Charlotte, so just as I said I would if he did, I added the 'Cats to my...
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Nick Of Time
The late decision to move on the TOTAL in the Kings game last night was quite fortuitous indeed.  I'm still on the yo-yo, but at least that win has on the upward swing of the pendulum going into tonight's action. THE NBA  (4-3...
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pigskinfan couldn't quite get there with the thunder

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Workin' Up A Sweat
Yes, I'll admit that the Nugs really had me sweating bullets last night at halftime of their game.  I wasn't worried about the effort, but every Denver player just seemed a wee bit off his game.  They gathered themselves nicely,...
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Back & Forth
This week has been like a rubber band.  I stretch forward, then snap back.  It's actually a little ridiculous, but here we are at the last day of the week with work to do.  That's not a foreign concept.  I'm just feeling...
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it's a marathon and not a sprint, but it seems to happen every year.  The season comes down to 1 game, and that's where we are in The Association tonight.  The Pacers are in Miami to take on The Champs, and the winner will have the #1...
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Tangled Web
No word yet on how much the fine will be against the Pacers for sitting all their starters last night.  Certainly, it should be sizable since there is a precedent from last year when Coach Pop did much the same thing with the Spurs last...
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Darkness of Greed
It was greed that did me in last night.  That and the fact that the Hawks didn't want to cooperate with the Pistons in Detroit's quest to give Atlanta the game.  I still caught a nice one with the Jays though.  I actually got...
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Dog Years
It's my humble opinion that dogs are better than cats.  Dogs are loyal and faithful.  Cats aren't, and I am highly allergic to them.  Dogs were also better than cats on the hardwood in The Madness' title game last night...
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Cats And Dogs
There is a force in the universe.  Some call it karma.  Others refer to it as mojo.  It's also known as destiny or fate, but there are arbiters of such things.  And for the purposes of this particular post, I'm referring to...
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Comfortably Numb
It's a bit unnerving when the last chance to cash a ticket for the day rests on the success of the Detroit Pistons, and things were looking quite bleak in that regard too.  Obviously, the Celtics read my letter to the league yesterday, and as...
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pigskinfan It's a bit unnerving when the last chance to cash a ticket for the day rests on the success of the Detroit Pistons, and things were...

Comfortably Numb
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The Letter
Today feels like a good time to post an open letter to all 30 NBA teams:  "QUIT MELTING DOWN IN THE 4TH QUARTER OF GAMES!  That is, of course, unless I've made a play against you that night.  Thank you.  That is all."...
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Yankee Rose
It was really tough for me to sit on my hands with the Yankees last night.  If you remember, they were in danger of being swept in their season opening series in Houston.  They were the (-1 1/2) road favorite in the game, but as I gritted my...
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Easy Money
I like it when it's easy.  There was very little drama in the games that made up my parlay last night.  It doesn't happen often, so it was really nice to be able to breathe normally all night long.  Without much scheduled, there...
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Nobody's Fool
No April Fool's shenanigans on me last night, and with the resulting 2 winning tickets, I've climbed out of the hole that we started with on Sunday.  I've got stuff to do this afternoon, so I'm going to go as quick as I possibly...
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pigskinfan post not going through for some reason. for tonight, it will be Warriors/MAVs(O204) and MURRAY ST. (-240) in the CIT. cheers!

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The Last Nail
You have to tip your cap to the Knicks.  They held on for the win last night in Oakland in what was a very strange game.  The Warriors jumped on New York early and had a 10-point lead after the 1st quarter.  Then Golden State went ice...
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