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Land Of Confusion
Another day.  Another win.  That Tiger bullpen made it interesting, but the Twinks bully was not about to be outdone last night.  It all works out for me, but that's not what I really want to open with today.  As I mentioned...
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Over The Rainbow
A leprechaun's got nothing on me right now.  Everything I do is turning to gold over the last couple of weeks.  Taking both ends of my baseball double header yesterday allowed me some leeway when it came to last night's NFL...
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pigskinfan safely in the barn with 2 wins in baseball

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pigskinfan gonna bank on the nats to get these last 3 outs. moving on Kershaw, now at (-164). cheers!

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Day After Day
I don't take success lightly, but things just keep going and going like a snowball rolling down a hill.  It keeps getting bigger and better.  Don't ask me why I decided to shy away from Arizona St. last night.  All I can tell you...
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pigskinfan phils home safe

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Hot Blooded
Smooth cruise last night for me, and we are in great shape as we close out the week today.  The Cubs put up a bit of a protest in Pittsburgh, but the Pirates were more than up for the challenge.  And David Price responded to a shaky start his...
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Kicked In The Teeth
Just a terrible situation last night with Giancarlo.  It's a part of the game and could happen at any time, but you just hate to see it with one of the game's big stars.  That's not to say that it would be any better if it were...
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Call It What You Will
There are many words for it:  Karma.  Fate.  Destiny.  Luck.  When it's going good, it goes really good.  That's where we're at right now.  By the time the Halos blew the game wide open last night, I was...
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I Take My Chances
Just didn't pick the right one.  That's all.  Every other game I mentioned here yesterday, even my fun little "flyer" on Collin McHugh, were winners.  So, that snaps my streak of 9 in a row, but today is another...
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Roll With It
Pretty easy money with Kershaw last night.  That's why I  didn't mind the small payout with the big number.  There seemed to be very little risk to get the reward.  We're off to a good start for the week, and still in a...
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Funny The Way It Is
Strange things happen when guys are chasing that oblong ball around.  The Eagles were flat and showing no signs of life in the 1st half of their game yesterday against an inspired Jags squad.  Down 17 and given up for dead, they rallied...
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It turned out to be more of a white knuckle ride than it probably should have been, but the Mariners got it done.  It doesn't matter how we get there.  Getting back to the window to cash in is all that matters. So, after a short slump to...
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You just can't go into Seattle, make as many mistakes as the Packers did last night and expect to come out of their with a win.  It's just not going to happen.  And the mistakes just weren't limited to the things the Pack...
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You Wanted More
I'm pretty sure the kind of intrigue offered by yesterday's Nats/Dodgers game isn't really all that good for me, but the potential damage created is certainly mitigated when it ends up coming down on my side.  A strange game?  You...
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Ace In The Hole
It's always good to have that one guy you can count on to get the job done an overwhelming majority of the time.  That's exactly what Clayton Kershaw is.  Because he is so reliable, we don't often get great paybacks with him, but...
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Waiting For The Man
A bit of a crazy day yesterday.  I was all ready to jump on either the Tigers or the Padres in a late afternoon tilt, but couldn't get to either.  The "Plouffe Goof" in the 7th inning of yesterday's Twins game left the door...
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Pretty Noose
My favorite player for the next few hours is Chris Heisey.  The guy has never been, nor will he probably ever be, anything special, but he dropped 2 bombs to sink the Pirate ship yesterday.  That was huge given the fact that the Tigers...
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Southern Cross
Well, that all went south in a big way!  Maybe the worst part of the day was that all my games were early, so after "wearing it" with all 3, I had no choice but to sit there and try to enjoy the rest of the day without any...
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Bad Moon Rising
There's a difference between a bad beat and a big beatdown.  The first is what we call a game we probably should have won.  The latter is what happened in the last 2 games last night.  The Houston football team was horrible.  I...
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pigskinfan coogs look like a team w/o a game plan, but we got the bucs. maybe no trifecta, but I've got crew ( 105) in s.f. tonight. cheers!

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pigskinfan coogs look like a team w/o a game plan, but we got the bucs. maybe no trifecta, but I've got crew ( 105) in s.f. tonight. cheers!

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Kids In America
The Cubs were an unfortunate selection yesterday.  The kids just didn't have any spark.  I guess they figured they really didn't have much of a chance.  When Zach Cosart is contributing offensively for the Reds, it's just not...
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Turn The Page
Last night's loss with the Nats certainly isn't anything to jump off a high building over, but it did point out the weakness of that club.  Washington is not unique in having weaknesses either.  Just about every team out there that...
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Rockin' Pneumonia
Last night's overall numbers weren't great, but I got mine.  That's all that matters.  It was a pretty easy win too, and that's always much appreciated here.  And when you think about it, even though the results of games...
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