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Nothing At All
For all the drama and intrigue that we had going into yesterday's regular season finales in baseball, it all ended up pretty much "ho-hum".  None of the scenarios that would have forced tiebreakers today came through, and every team...
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I'm not real sure what the deal is between Missouri and S. Carolina when they play football the last couple of years, but it sure seems like neither likes facing the other at home.  If you remember, Mizzou had a comfortable lead in the 4th...
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It's Over
Yeah, I admit it.  I got a little choked up watching our boys celebrate their 1st postseason berth in 29 years last night.  It really wasn't necessarily from joy though.  It was actually a melancholy situation for me. ...
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Dreams I'll Never See
In 1985, you were on top of the world if you were a Royals fan.  Who knew it would take so long to get close to feeling that way again?  Our team has brought us to the brink.  Now, all they have to do is seal the deal.  Just 1...
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In The End
We've known that this day was coming all season long, and it's finally here.  The Captain will take the field for the last time at Yankee Stadium.  I know I will have the game tuned in, not because of it's relevance to the pennant...
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Okay, so I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to negotiate the fact that the taxi service will be in full effect tomorrow and still get business taken care.  So, here I am closing in on 2am with a win in my back pocket from...
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Back On The Chain Gang
I suppose I could try to break down and analyze what happened in the football game last night, but I fear that if I got too deep into it, I might end up dumber for it.  What a ridiculous performance by the guys in green!  It just proves that...
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Fair Exchange
The Panthers really are a good football team in spite of their performance last night.  Before the season started, I looked at them as a solid challenge to the Seahawks in the NFL, but maybe they just aren't ready for prime time.  I...
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Irresistible Bliss
I would have preferred that Pitt pressed their 1st half advantage yesterday, not committed some stupid penalties that killed drives and ultimately let their game against Iowa get completely away from them, but it is what it is.  We cashed with the...
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Never Too Late
So, guess who my new favorite player is.  That's right.  Russell Martin of the Pirates, but what a waste for Yovanni Gallardo.  He may well have pitched his best game of the season last night.  It was certainly his best since...
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The Final Countdown
This is what it's all about.  It's the next to the last weekend of baseball's regular season.  There's 10 games to go, and 7 postseason slots still up for grabs.  It can also be a bit of a dangerous time for those in my...
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Times Like These
September baseball makes for some weird situations.  The entire gamut of human emotion can be engaged in just a few short hours.  A case in point would have been with the Tigers last night.  David Price has been in a good/bad cycle since...
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All Of A Sudden
It was no big shock to me what happened last night in Oakland.  I let you know yesterday that the play on the A's was probably the biggest chance I had taken over the last few weeks.  I stand by the play though and would most likely make...
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Land Of Confusion
Another day.  Another win.  That Tiger bullpen made it interesting, but the Twinks bully was not about to be outdone last night.  It all works out for me, but that's not what I really want to open with today.  As I mentioned...
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Over The Rainbow
A leprechaun's got nothing on me right now.  Everything I do is turning to gold over the last couple of weeks.  Taking both ends of my baseball double header yesterday allowed me some leeway when it came to last night's NFL...
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pigskinfan safely in the barn with 2 wins in baseball

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pigskinfan gonna bank on the nats to get these last 3 outs. moving on Kershaw, now at (-164). cheers!

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Day After Day
I don't take success lightly, but things just keep going and going like a snowball rolling down a hill.  It keeps getting bigger and better.  Don't ask me why I decided to shy away from Arizona St. last night.  All I can tell you...
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pigskinfan phils home safe

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Hot Blooded
Smooth cruise last night for me, and we are in great shape as we close out the week today.  The Cubs put up a bit of a protest in Pittsburgh, but the Pirates were more than up for the challenge.  And David Price responded to a shaky start his...
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Kicked In The Teeth
Just a terrible situation last night with Giancarlo.  It's a part of the game and could happen at any time, but you just hate to see it with one of the game's big stars.  That's not to say that it would be any better if it were...
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Call It What You Will
There are many words for it:  Karma.  Fate.  Destiny.  Luck.  When it's going good, it goes really good.  That's where we're at right now.  By the time the Halos blew the game wide open last night, I was...
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I Take My Chances
Just didn't pick the right one.  That's all.  Every other game I mentioned here yesterday, even my fun little "flyer" on Collin McHugh, were winners.  So, that snaps my streak of 9 in a row, but today is another...
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Roll With It
Pretty easy money with Kershaw last night.  That's why I  didn't mind the small payout with the big number.  There seemed to be very little risk to get the reward.  We're off to a good start for the week, and still in a...
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Funny The Way It Is
Strange things happen when guys are chasing that oblong ball around.  The Eagles were flat and showing no signs of life in the 1st half of their game yesterday against an inspired Jags squad.  Down 17 and given up for dead, they rallied...
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