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Crazy Train
Last night's game offered us something we don't see every day in the NFL.  In case you missed it, in the last 3 minutes of the 1st half, the Steelers scored 3 offensive TDs in a span of 5 snaps.  It was incredible, really.  A...
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Get Back
The decision to move on the Broncos last night if the Seahawks fell flat yesterday bailed me out a little.  It was still not a good day at all, but at least the damage was somewhat minimized by Peyton's historic performance.  Even with...
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Prime Mover
It wasn't pretty, but the Aztecs got it done last night.  The Final Four selection committee might be looking for style points.  I'm not.  All I care about is cashing tickets, and with yesterday's 2-1, I closed out another...
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Bad Moon Rising
Even this late in the season, we can still learn a lot if we're observant.  That Temple team that charged out to a 4-1 start has been exposed over the last couple of weeks; especially last night in Houston.  I don't think it's...
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pigskinfan commented on Another Awful MLB Post Season
Dumbest post ever!  You claim to be a fan, yet it's obvious that you don't understand the game.  The oh so powerful 90+ win teams had their chance to win their postseason games.  They didn't, and basically, they were all... (see more)
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The Song Remains The Same
Unfortunately, I can't say I was all that surprised by the Va.Tech performance last night.  It is what "Beamer Ball" has become.  No creativity or imagination on offense and poor execution of a bad game plan.  Undisciplined...
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Into The Blue
If I told you that I've been really calm over the last 2 nights, you wouldn't believe me, but it's true.  There's a certain serenity that goes with a lockdown bullpen.  When the Royals have a lead going to the 7th, the game...
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The Only One
This will be quick and painless today.  I promise.  Our only game tonight comes from college football and the Sun Belt with Louisiana traveling to San Marcos to take on Texas St.  As I looked at this game initially, I was all about...
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KIller On The Loose
This isn't going to take long today.  We only have the one NFL game to discuss, but I did want to take a few minutes and spend them on yesterday's Redskins/CARDINALS game.  The game ended up being a win for me, and that's really...
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Magic Carpet Ride
I suppose I could be a little concerned about how my numbers gave out on me yesterday with college football, but this ride we're on with the Royals is just not allowing me to be too worried.  I did hit on 2 of my 3 plays after all, and I also...
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Heart's Done Time
You don't really know how much you can handle until you have to.  Another edge of my seat win for the Royals is really pushing the envelope for me.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.  These kids are driving me crazy,...
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Do It Again
It's been a nice, long break for the players involved.  I don't know how it will impact performance, but for this fan, it was much needed.  I think I'm now ready for this wild ride that has been the Royals run through the playoffs...
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Circle Of Life
It could have been a real boring time over these last couple of days.  That's especially true since there was no baseball playoff action to watch last night, but things have a way of working out.  I didn't realize it since it's...
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And the boys are moving on.  Another great performance by the Royals last night swept the team with the best regular season record in the game right out of town and out of the postseason.  It's just incredible, and isn't it...
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Even with all the carnage from yesterday's college football, things didn't really go all that bad for me.  In fact, if I could throw away this past Thursday, which was just a bad day all around, I would have come up with a 28-26 week in...
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Coming Home
So, who wants to be a Royals fan?  All are welcome.  It's been so long, and anyone can join the party.  What a ride it's been so far!  There is the realist in me that says that it could all come crashing down at any moment,...
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Dazed And Confused
Nothing went right for me last night, but I'm strangely calm and serene.  I will always be calm, I guess, but it's very strange for me to be okay with a loss.  That's what I am, thanks to the Royals, and I've been through this...
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Over The Rainbow
I have to tell you that I was actually happy that there were no games to deal with yesterday.  I was spent.  That game on Tuesday was like a 5-hour roller coaster ride.  Incredible highs and terrible lows, and it all ended up lasting 12...
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Nothing At All
For all the drama and intrigue that we had going into yesterday's regular season finales in baseball, it all ended up pretty much "ho-hum".  None of the scenarios that would have forced tiebreakers today came through, and every team...
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I'm not real sure what the deal is between Missouri and S. Carolina when they play football the last couple of years, but it sure seems like neither likes facing the other at home.  If you remember, Mizzou had a comfortable lead in the 4th...
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It's Over
Yeah, I admit it.  I got a little choked up watching our boys celebrate their 1st postseason berth in 29 years last night.  It really wasn't necessarily from joy though.  It was actually a melancholy situation for me. ...
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Dreams I'll Never See
In 1985, you were on top of the world if you were a Royals fan.  Who knew it would take so long to get close to feeling that way again?  Our team has brought us to the brink.  Now, all they have to do is seal the deal.  Just 1...
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In The End
We've known that this day was coming all season long, and it's finally here.  The Captain will take the field for the last time at Yankee Stadium.  I know I will have the game tuned in, not because of it's relevance to the pennant...
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Okay, so I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to negotiate the fact that the taxi service will be in full effect tomorrow and still get business taken care.  So, here I am closing in on 2am with a win in my back pocket from...
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Back On The Chain Gang
I suppose I could try to break down and analyze what happened in the football game last night, but I fear that if I got too deep into it, I might end up dumber for it.  What a ridiculous performance by the guys in green!  It just proves that...
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