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being a raiders fan I;ll Definately go to heaven, already been to hell!:O)

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Raiders 31,Cowboys 10-the RAIDERS are...
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Raiders 31,cowboys 10-the RAIDERS are BACK!...
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Oakland Raiders Beat their ARCH Rival...
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come on raiders lets win fior a 3rd...
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I"M not one of those CRAZT Raider...
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Teams Steve Hates
Dallas Cowboys
Why I Hate Them: Because they are the Dallas Cowboys...some Cowboys fans are cool but some talk ALOT of Crap and run around claiming WE are America's team. Some are Real blowhards!!
Players I Hate: He's not a player-Jerry jones the owner-BIGGEST BLOWHARD in the NFL-since he FIRED Landry!!
Pittsburgh Steelers
Why I Hate Them: When i was younger i was a Houston Oilers fan. Steeler fans have been talking SMACK for YEARS! Chuck Noll called my team (Raiders) cheap shot artists.The Steelers wrote the book on how to be cheap shot artists.Refs give the Steelers PHANTOM Calls at the end of games!!!
Players I Hate: I wasn't too fond of Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher!!
Denver Broncos
Why I Hate Them: Because it's the Denver Donkeys(errrrrr broncos).I Think the Broncos, Chiefs,and Chargers fans HATE us more than we Hate them!
Players I Hate: None added yet...
New England Patriots
Why I Hate Them: Bill Belichek,Robert Kraft, Patsies players and the ARROGANT fans!!
Players I Hate: Where do i start-Steve Grogan to Tom Brady and EVERYONE in between!!The Oakland Raiders(my team) got SCREWED in the AFC championship game a few years ago(Brady Tuck game).