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0  |  0  |  4/15/13
The Lakers game on April 12, 2013 against the Warriors will go down as one the most unreal experiences I've ever witnessed as a basketball fan. Yesterday we witness for the first time ever a ba...  Read More »
Sport: NBA
Started from the Bottom? - NBA Photo
1  |  4  |  3/17/13
One has to asked the questions. Are the Miami Heat this good? Are they fortunate to be in the weaker Eastern Conference? Shouldn't they be the best team because of their talent pool in th...  Read More »
Sport: NBA
Flat Footed Jump Shot Defense? Where they do that at? - NBA Photo
3  |  6  |  3/14/13
Whether it was a foul or not isn't even up for discussion, it is so painfully obvious that not only was it a violation it was intentional! Anyone who has ever played, coached or has been an serio...  Read More »
Sport: NBA
The Captain - NBA Photo
0  |  0  |  9/10/12
The Captain is what he was called in his Laker's glory days, when one thinks about Kareem then I'm sure we all get same vivid visual. Tall,lanky, fair-skinned man, thick sports goggles ...  Read More »
Sport: NBA
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