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spawn_master commented on Best Quarterbacks in Michigan Wolverines History?
Yes, it looks that way on my other QB ranking polls as well.
1/22/14 | Reply | Respect | Read post


Best Quarterbacks in Texas Longhorns History?
The Texas Longhorns have a rich football tradition with a number of great quarterbacks who have played for them, but who is the best. Take this poll and rank the Top 10 quarterbacks in team history.
8/2/13 | Comment | Respect | Take poll


Best Quarterbacks in Michigan Wolverines History?
The University of Michigan Wolverine football team has a rich history. While not as known for great quarterbacks as other teams I have produced polls on there are still a number of quarterbacks who have produced strong results for the Wolverines. Who...
8/2/13 | Comment | Respect | Take poll


Best Quarterbacks in Florida Gators History?
The University of Florida has had a large number of great quarterbacks including Heisman and National Championship winners, but who was the best? 
8/2/13 | Comment | Respect | Take poll


Best Quarterbacks in Washington Huskies History?
The Washington Huskies have had a number of great quarterbacks in their history, but who was the best?
8/1/13 | Comment | Respect | Take poll


How would you rank the best quarterbacks in BYU football history?
I recently saw a show about the great quarterbacks BYU has produced and it got me thinking about how they might be ranked. BYU is known as a producer of great quarterbacks, but who was the best, the worst, etc.?
7/30/13 | Comment | Respect | Take poll


spawn_master commented on NFL**Seattle Seahawks**2013 Season Prediction Poll**pt.2
I believe the Hawks will finish 12-4.
7/22/13 | Reply | Respect | Read post


spawn_master commented on Clownie Presents**The Thong Of The Day**6/11
She can raise my barn anytime she wants!
6/11/12 | Reply | Respect | Read post


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